February 11 Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Aquarius

YOUR SYMBOL: The Water Bearer


YOUR RULERS – Uranus, Venus

Astrological Birthday Features

For those born on this day of February 11 Aquarius, there is an extraordinary and somewhat unusual aspect applicable to this birth date in that everything that is needed seems to materialize or appear.

As a February 11 your life experiences will provide the opportunities for you to determine the necessary skill for the current task and to be able to hone and refine your methods accordingly.

It is of note that, as a February 11 where you only direct you focus outwardly then the result can be that you will create the desire to pile up luxuries. Alternatively, if you turn your direction to focus inwardly, then you will really begin to develop your full potential.

By their nature, those who are born on February 11 are extremely experimental. You are one who has always sought out the different and unusual, and this applies both in the sphere of your activities and within the network of the friends and associates that you cultivate.

To you, new people who enter into your life do not do so as strangers but as new opportunities for learning and sharing.

As a February 11 you are one who enjoys traveling and, in particular, to those far off and distant exotic places of the world. You will derive particular enjoyment from the chance to gain new experiences from environments that differ to your own. In particular, the customs and foods of the different cultures and peoples with whom you come into contact.

Possibly the only place in life that may have felt somewhat strange and foreign to you was at the time during your early home environment. Your earliest urges were to create a distinct sense of your personal identity no matter what the cost and, you still refuse to compromise where your personal individuality is concerned.

As a February 11 it is likely that have a particular love of, and talent for music.

Since this particular birth date holds a specific relationship to wind instruments, then musical instruments such as a piccolo, flute, mouth organ or a set of panpipes might be ideal items to adorn your home.

Irrespective of whether or not you can actually play such instruments doesn’t really matter because they, in themselves, are representative of the subtle voice of harmony and beauty; factors in life that are very important to you.

An excellent image of the character of the February 11 birth date is the actual symbol of the sign of Aquarius’s. It portrays the water bearer, one who is offering out the waters of knowledge to all people.

Theirs is a strong likely hood that as a February 11 you could have several children of your own or, if not, there is the strong possibility that you become involved with activities whereby you might spend a quite lot of time with children.

Your contribution to society or your work is very likely to involve the use of technology. A smartly designed media center with CD, DVD, and HDTV might be a part of your world. As a February 11 you are one who can derive considerable power from lightning imagery.

There is some relationship between February 11 and that of monasteries. Some materials related to monasteries, some old books perhaps or ancient illuminated manuscripts may prove of particular interest and pleasure for you.

Dress wise your personal style tends toward the more eccentric. Rainbow-colored fabric could be one of your personal fashion touches. Changeable colors such as sunset oranges or moss greens tend to harmonize with the February 11 birth date.  Add some geometric design jewellery with bright colors as this may be just the right image that projects your independence.

Purples, blues and blue-green are colors also harmonious to your character.

In the outdoors scenario, the February 11 finds a particular appeal for cold, crisp air that crackles with static electricity. You may well take an enjoyment in immersing your face into cold water on a cold and frosty morning.

The February 11 is by nature an inquisitive character so a pair of binoculars or a telescope, within or for without the home or garden might be a necessary possession for you to look out upon the environment around you and, that will probably include your neighbors as well.

Your special magic numbers are: 4 and 6

The eleventh day of the second month reduces to four and the number four is the number of measurement.

This birth date path indicates that all that you will ever need, be it in the form of any skill, talent, or connection, you have and will find within yourself.

Gazing into a fire opal will stir your soul. Collect articles of hand-blown glass. Have a spontaneous sunrise picnic in the woods on a rose-colored blanket.

The forty-second day of the year reduces to six, and this adds the quality of love and harmony to your mission in life.