February 10 Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Aquarius

YOUR SYMBOL: The Water Bearer


YOUR RULERS – Uranus, Venus

Astrological Birthday Features

As a February 10 Aquarius you will have experienced numerous setbacks and reversals in life that have required that you be very strong, firm and resilient.

Such setbacks in life are nothing new to you and you have an instinctive ability to over come and survive such situations. As result you have built up an inner strength and a quiet determination to succeed in life. Try not to look for fulfillment out side yourself.

Others have their own needs and paths. Learn that disappointments can drive us deeper in our search for meaning and challenge us to reach for true understanding of ourselves. DonĂ­t cry over spilled milk. Defeat is not final, just another opportunity to learn.

Your birth date of February 10 is not however indicative that you will always have to struggle, because, once you have established a clear and definite sense of yourself, then your life will develop and unfold with a greater ease and your goals in life be far more easily achieved.

You are occupied with the refinement of personal choices that reveal the objectives in your life with a greater clarity. You are not selfish in this knowledge but rather; you seek to aid other people with the understanding that comes from your own personal experiences.

The February 10 is both thoughtful and emotional in a selfless way, and although you may not be aware of it, you have a chance of significant spiritual development in your life.

Your birthday combines attention to both the unique and the aesthetic. You may have a particular fondness for electrical and electronic gadgets, but only if they are well designed. If not you will generally ignore them.

On the home front, you could favor a home incorporating sleek lines with some old-fashioned touches such as inherited rugs that will add color to your general home surroundings. A combination of a media cum living room within the home can be a place where you can entertain people, d enjoy communication and perhaps have discussions on matters of interest to you such as world wide events.

In home accessories in the form of clean geometric shapes tend to suit the February 10 character and, as example, a rectangular glass table resonates well with your sense of refinement, as might some quality tableware of some form of unique attractive design.

The February 10 have a strong connection to the energies of the earth, and this can indicate that you should favor natural materials in the decorating your home living area and will favor the same when adding such personal touches to your office cum work environment.

You might like to seriously consider incorporating light dimmer switches through out your home as these can allow you to regulate the light intensity to your personal satisfaction. Window curtains that allow in a lacy pattern of light can provide an effect that can stimulate your mind.

When considering color you should avoid anything exceptional bright or gaudy, because such coloring can be the cause of irritability and tension not only for you, but also for others around you.

Look to pale cream shades and light browns but avoid a pure white effect, as this is far too stark or bleak for your sensitivities of the February 10 nature.

Colors that meld well to the character of the February 10 are those of green, tangerine and orange. These are stimulating colors for those of your birth date.

Other material that will influence and strengthen your mind and resolve are those of jasper and moss agate.

In your outdoors scenario, it is high places such as mountaintops or skyscrapers that can stimulate both you mind and your imagination.

Position any outdoor setting or garden furniture at the highest point in the garden or yard as this can be a perfect setting for you to sit back to relax and catch the view and, at night, take in the wonders of the night sky.

An herb garden of healing herbs that are planted according to the various phases of the moon might be a growing activity of particular interest to you as a February 10 birth date.

Your special magic numbers are: 3 and 5

The tenth day of the second month reduces to three and the number three is the number signifying growth and development.

Disappointment can be our greatest teacher. An infant grows toward adulthood through constant trial and error and it encounters numerous bumps and bruises along the way. Never dwell on failure, just sweep it away and try harder next time.

How do we accept defeat? Do we discern a temporary setback, rise and try again, or sit in the middle of the road crying?

The forty-first day of the year reduces to five, and the number five provides an innate grasp of the necessity of change and exploration.

Watch small children taking their first tentative steps in life, their tears and the laughter. Try applying your concentration and determination by taking dance lessons or, take up the game of chess.