February 1 Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Aquarius

YOUR SYMBOL: The Water Bearer



Astrological Birthday Features

As a person born on February 1 you are a one whose various interests are unlimited.

In your travels through life as your experience and experiment, you will discover that it is increasingly important for you that you endeavor to establish a sense of priorities.

To the mind of the February 1 Aquarius, people are of equal importance and that they should be treated impartially by the law and be able to exist in this world free of prejudice.

While this is of course true, you will find there can be many complications in your life if you cannot see and appreciate the truth and beauty in our differences. Only one of your many friends can be your best friend.

You will experience numerous opportunities throughout your life to express yourself creatively and, it is up to you to differentiate between the A list from the B list. So, once you have established this sense of structure, you will find that it is far less difficult to organize your success in life.

In ancient times Saturn ruled Aquarius. When in 1781 the planet Uranus was discovered, astrologers designated it as the new ruler of Aquarius.

Some Aquarians are more conservative and defer back to the ruler ship of Saturn, while other Aquarians blaze forward in the manner of pioneers who are willing to upset the old order in order to find that something new.

Since the release of the hit song “The Age of Aquarius,” Aquarians have been somewhat misperceived as airheads with a flowery spirituality and a likening for way out dress.

While there are indeed many Aquarians who are drawn to the flower power New Age culture, those born on February 1 are more than likely to be attracted to the shadow side.

Your flare for the dark and the unusual may be reflected in your choice of pet, which could for example be a scorpion. Another interest might be for exotic spiders.

For an Aquarian, those of the February 1 birth date are fairly materialistic and this is represented by today’s correspondence to the Devil card in the tarot.

You may want to choose some blue display cabinets to show off your beloved possessions. Oak cabinets and shelving will inject an element of benevolence and justice in your life

The February 1 Aquarius tends to look forward but can become confused within themselves as to which philosophy will triumph, the new or the old.

This internal conflict absorbs your energy so; in your home environment you need softness and comfort.

This style will tend to be modern but with a very old fashioned bed and lots of comforters. Deep blues and purple pillows will soothe your charged nervous system.

A great way to increase your sense of space could be a spiral stairway connecting floors or leading to a sleeping loft. You might appreciate the unlimited possibility of the upward spiral.

In the outdoors environment, the February 1 will enjoy a windswept environment with an outlook of space that will excite your imagination.

While gardening itself will be of little appeal to the February 1, you do have an appreciation for a nice garden. A life size or model windmill characterizes the Aquarian sign’s inventiveness and authoritative character.

Your special magic numbers are 3 and 5.

The first day of the second month reduces to three and the number three is the number of multiplication.

This is a path of experiencing creation’s limitless levels of expression, or like a stairway to heaven. You are forever in forward motion and looking ahead.

The negative aspect of this number is an inherent desire to keep ahead of the Joneses rather than concentrating on making constructive progress.

The thirty-second day of the year reduces to five and the number five adds comfort with change to your constant upward movement.

The materials of Fluorite and Tourmaline can help to assist your focus in life.