Eleventh House in Astrology


Eleventh House of Friends, Hopes and Desires. If the opposite house (fifth) is associated with caring for momentary pleasures, then the eleventh house patronizes long-term dreams and goals, as well as intellectual pleasures. This home manages your interactions with teams and organizations related to work, profession and family. His sphere is clubs, societies, political associations to which you belong. This house often indicates friends and acquaintances that best suit your interests and goals. The eleventh house reflects your ability to enjoy communication. The highest level of the house reflects harmonious cooperation, in which everyone realizes their abilities to the maximum. It is the home of idealism and foresight.

The ninth house marked the beginning of the process of entering the world by introducing into collective mental systems. The tenth house continued this process by creating a safe niche for a person in the world around him. Here, in the 11th house – the third house of the last four houses, the final house of open relationships and the last area of ​​the next type in the structure of houses – we gain the experience of participation in the life of groups. The eleventh house is associated with our judgments about ourselves and about our world, which we express in terms of our belonging to a group and the deep desire of each of us to be accepted into any group.

Therefore, the traditional interpretation of the 11th house is “friends”, or, more specifically, the social circle of comrades with whom we maintain relationships in order to secure our position in the matrix of social relationships. In interactions related to the 11th house, emotional attraction and mental kinship of people, which began in the 9th house, are usually fused together. Our friends are eager to both reflect on our philosophical, moral or ethical views, and to shape them.

The eleventh house is associated with Uranus, therefore, in this house, participation in the life of organizations and an element of personal will merge. If culture was studied in the 9th house, a safe niche was created in culture in the 10th house, then in the 11th house a person’s judgment of himself in terms of culture is assessed. This is the home where we look closely at how others treat us, but these others are not individuals, but groups, society as a whole. This is the home where the concept of “socially appropriate behavior” has maximum weight, where our manners take on the most structured and powerful aspect.

In this house, the personality reaches the peak of its development. In the 5th house, the development of individuality itself culminated, the result of which was the emergence of social susceptibility, with the help of which a person’s ego could manifest itself. In the 11th house, the struggle to create a social identity culminates, and the result is the revival of the newly awakened personality. A refined sense of belonging to something automatically creates a refined craving for solitude.

This is partly due to the fact that the pressure exerted on a person during his entry into society is so great that he longs to feel himself an independent and separate being. In 11th house, we want to belong and be real individuals at the same time.

In the opposite, 5th, house there is a requirement for the development of personal creativity; creativity as an expression of the ego, ego-centered creativity. Here in the 11th house, we continue to develop this experience, but through co-creation, through creativity in groups.

The fifth house is the house of ardent romantic love, so it is often believed that the 11th house is the house of cooler, more detached caring for a person, as in a friendship. This approach to viewing the house is correct and often works in interpretations. However, there is a completely different way to analyze romantic love.

The fifth house was the domain of the conscious manifestation of the ego in dramatic courtship rituals. In this house, the ego was central and its courtship was like an actor playing in front of the audience. As for the 11th house, we can assume that everything changes places in it, we do not give love as an actor, but accept love like a spectator. And just as the public hopes for a certain amount of entertainment, so the 11th house reveals our hopes of being loved; it points to the characteristics that serve as an indicator for us to offer another person their love (for a more detailed discussion of this issue, see the subsection at the end of this chapter, “Method of Synthesis of Interpretation at Home”).

This love is not like love in the 4th house in the sense of upbringing and fulfilling our needs, it is not an emotional union of the 8th house, leading to psychological transformation, here love is expressed in the fact that another person appreciates us, he is attracted by our unique fusion of individuality and social attractiveness. In this house, we play a more romantic role of the beloved. The Eleventh House defines the zodiac sign Aquarius and the planets Saturn and Uranus .