Elemental Compatibility for Zodiac Signs


All signs of the zodiac are divided into four groups according to their elements. It is the influence of the element of the elements that largely determines the temperament and love compatibility of a person. The best compatibility in love is possible between those born under the same element or with representatives of friendly primary elements: Fire and Air (two active elements) and Water with Earth (passive elements), although this does not mean that there are no problems in their relationship. The combination of active and passive elements is problematic, although not always hopeless.

Elemental compatibility is one of the many details of the big picture. By knowing how they interact, you can better understand yourself and your partner’s desires without making a tragedy out of something as commonplace as a difference in temperament and emotional expectations.

Compatibility of the same elements


It may seem at first that people with dominance in horoscopes of the same element are perfect for each other, nevertheless, in reality, for long-term love and the most harmonious relationships, a combination of complementary elements is needed. The relationship of people with the dominance of both elements of fire in the horoscope may look perfect from the outside, but in reality everything is not so ideal. Although, no doubt, they will not have to yearn and be bored!

Aries , Leo and Sagittarius fall in love extremely easily – but alas, they cool down just as quickly. For them, life without love is not life, the desire for new connections and relationships in Aries and Sagittarius is greater than Leo, who is more constant in love. Fire and fire are perfectly compatible in sex: both partners are inventive and voluptuous. However, there is a huge risk of their campaigns “to the left”, forever arousing terrible jealousy and suspicion of partners to each other.

The combination of fiery elements can be unusually creatively fruitful, however, which does not have, for example: caution and practicality of the elements of the earth, fire signs often fall into financial problems. This is a union of extravagant people who live only for today and do not tolerate reminders of worldly affairs and responsibilities. This couple is able to live well in youth when they can provide for themselves. But if over the years they cannot manage their impulsiveness and extravagance, their relationship can collapse like a house of cards in the wind.

Another, important, flaw in the relationship of the elements of fire is the eternal craving of both partners for leadership, because of which one of the partners will have to forever find himself in a humiliating position of a subordinate for him – over time, this partner will prefer to find a new partner for himself and leave, accompanying their own breakdown with a stormy scene with the smashing of dishes. You need to be friends with fire and work prudently: without combustible brushwood, it will go out, and if there is too much brushwood, it will get out of control, burning everyone in its own way.


In this union, there will be no dramatic quarrels and quarrels, which are in the relationship of two fire signs, and, moreover, emotional and material problems, there will be no strong anxieties, great passion. All earth signs want security and stability, they don’t need crazy adventures. They have mutual respect and help, and while other people are busy with their hustle and bustle, divorces and new marriages, they live long, peacefully and joyfully and happily in their marriage. And even if suddenly, some problems arise in their union, common sense and the craving of both for constancy and stability will always prevail over all adversity.

This couple is perfect for each other sexually. They don’t like to talk about their emotional issues at all. At the same time, although they want to restrain personal feelings in the interests of the safety and security of their marital status, they are unusually susceptible to the romantic attraction of the opposite sex. But earthly signs will never cheat on their spouse, whether he is loved by them or not. Although everyone’s subconscious desire for the taboo always tempts them to break their devotion to a close partner. All signs of the elements of the earth have a huge responsibility in their relationships, and therefore their unions are often long-lasting and happy.


Relations between the same element have their pros and cons, minus in the end outweighs. Air / air compatibility of people ( Gemini , Libra and Aquarius ) is no exception, and their relationship will also have disadvantages. If during a certain period everything goes very well, but then the partners will begin to blame each other for the impracticality and inability to do and execute the day to day business instead of constantly “flying in the clouds”.

All signs of the air element (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius) are very romantic. They relate to love a little bit literally, giving great meaning to everything connected with love. Since physical intimacy in a relationship is not the most important thing for them, they are predominantly disposed to surrender to fantasies and fictional experiences, and not to see all the realities of life that surround them.

This couple will actively participate in public life. Although all air signs love to argue and debate, they will have much less quarrels than other combinations of the same elements. They are able to part for a long time – and with mutual trust in each other, none of their “adventures” and parting will not lead to a break in the relationship. To other people, their pair will seem perfect, well, it is likely that this is not so far from the truth!


This couple will never have problems with lack of emotion. They will be very sensitive and attentive to each other, but at the same time it can interfere with their relationship. As mentioned above, the main problem between people of the same element is the manifestation of absolutely identical negative qualities inherent in their element. Very high emotionality of water signs ( Cancer , Scorpio and Pisces) and the fear of everything new can lead their relationship to isolation from the outside world. From time to time, water signs need to leave personal emotions and grievances – but if both partners are water – this is made impossible. On an intuitive level, they will perfectly understand each other, support each other, but when faced nose to nose with problems, they both will opt for the path where there is no need to get involved in the struggle. They may also have an increased tendency to various phobias and nerves, when both are water elements.

The signs of the water element have a much greater fear of being rejected or being left alone than other signs of another element, as a result, they will continue to cling to relationships that have already eradicated themselves: even if their union is very unhappy, none of them will try to break it, waiting for everything to resolve itself. The signs of water are very much tied to the past, and they value in relationships, first of all, the carnal side and emotional stability, reliability and loyalty. The advantages of this partnership include: mutual understanding and the ability to endure all sorts of hardships and obstacles.

Compatibility of opposite elements


Very good compatibility, if not great. Both of them are alien to pessimism and narrow-mindedness, they are very smart – they love everything new. The air element can easily understand thoughts, feelings, actions and the possible result of the activity of the fire, without extinguishing its inspiration. It so happens that people of the air cannot make a choice on their own – and at this moment no one is able to point them to a choice better than their fiery partners.

The relationship of the opposite signs of the Zodiac, according to the elements (attention, just not the antagonistic elements), are considered very productive and long-term in astrology. Let us recall the principle formulated by the world-renowned and famous Swiss psychologist Jung: In every idea, in its embryonic form, there is an opposite to it – so, in every leader – Aries, there are Libra striving for equality and harmony, in every power-hungry Leo – a humane Aquarius, and in an idealist – Sagittarius is a logical thinking Gemini.

И все же, хотя комбинация логических способностей воздуха и неустанной активности огня выглядит на первый взор совершенным, обоим партнерам не достаточно глубины. Через длительный период партнеры начинают ощущать, что ни один из них не способен целиком захватить другого – они начинают ощущать обоюдное равенство и уважение. Вначале огонь будет соблазнен активным интеллектом воздуха, его остроумием и подвижностью, а воздух в свою очередь — непринужденностью и желанием власти огня.

Both partners are very unforgiving, they soon erase from memory mutual discontent and claims, which makes it possible for them to continue the relationship. Sexually, they are very suitable for each other – both love erotic and sexual fantasies, and the colorful imagination of air is amazingly like fire. It is very rare for fire to consider their partner too esthete in love and sex, and air to find that his partner is impatient and promiscuous, but this rarely leads partners to long-term arguments.


These elements are very well suited to each other. Reliability, loyalty and constancy of the earth are perfectly combined with the defenselessness and vulnerability and sensitivity of water. With water, the earth does not feel very tense and anxious, as with a person of the elements of fire, or uncertain, indecisive and oppressed, as with a person of the elements of air. But even in the best compatibility of the elements, there may be some drawbacks, and in this case these are frequent fluctuations and pessimism inherent in both the elements of the earth and the elements of water. If the land meets with practical problems, and the water is afraid for its own safety, nothing will be able to renew their once lost trust in each other. Then they can begin to withdraw into themselves, everyone is interested only in personal problems.

Sexually, these elements are perfectly compatible with each other. Water feels safe with an earthly person, so to speak “at ease”, and a wonderful emotional field helps and improves their sexual harmony very well. The earth, on the other hand, tears away in a water sign the sensitivity and acute receptivity, which it treasures to the extreme; in addition, the great need for water in sexual contact (associated with emotional trust in the partner-partner) also meets the desires of the former.

Compatibility of other elements


The elements of fire and earth are elements that are antagonistic (hostile) to each other. The earth extinguishes the fire, and the fire burns the earth. Although in long-term relationships this combination is sometimes found: although the values ​​of these people and their behavior are completely antagonistic, each of them will probably benefit from this relationship successfully. Life only today, the will and intemperance in everything inherent in fire, will very quickly be limited to the sobriety and practicality inherent in earthly elements. Capricorns are often attracted to Aries, Taurus – Leo, and Virgo – Sagittarius: antagonistic elements are attracted to each other very strongly. But not for life …

And yet, someday, the restraint, care and pragmatism of the elements of the earth will begin to act on the nerves of its fiery partner, whose recklessness and impulsiveness will be unbearable for the earth. Very often there are sexual problems.At the very beginning of a relationship, a strong attraction arises – but already extremely quickly the fire will begin to oppress the earth with its aggressiveness and extravagance in gender problems, thinking that his earthly partner is dreary and uninventive.

When in the relationship between the elements of earth and fire the moment inevitably comes when they understand their incompatibility and dissimilarity to each other, then the further formation of their relationship will depend primarily on themselves. Fire will need to understand how important it is to reckon with reality and look at the perspectives at least from time to time, ceasing to shift all the heavy burden of practical concerns onto its partner. The latter, however, needs to evaluate in his companion his kind-hearted will, and his unfailing willingness to take risks.

But if both partners believe that it is he who is right, not wanting mutual understanding, they will move further and further from each other: the fire becomes colder and colder, and the earth becomes more and more gloomy and restrained. Nevertheless, to make the decision to follow the path of self-development and spiritual development, they have a chance to reach a fundamentally different level of relations. But for this they need to spend a lot of time and effort in order to gain mutual understanding in relationships and find a compromise.

Fire water

The compatibility of fire and water in relationships is the most problematic, the environments of all combinations are these elements, and therefore their signs, antagonistic to each other. Both elements are extremely excitable, but in completely different ways. Fire is hot-tempered and spontaneous, its emotions are directed outside. Water is a more malleable and passive element – it needs emotional support and understanding. Fire signs are extremely blind, they forget without difficulty and excuse their partners for their mistakes; aquatic ones are very susceptible and vulnerable, once offended, they can forever keep resentment and evil against their offender. The fiery partner is unnerved by the frequent change of mood in the water partner, the water partner thinks that the fire is very egocentric and soulless. Therefore, in these connections, the greatest number of disputes and omissions always appears.

The fire does not at all want to offend a close partner, however, due to the water’s reluctance to express its griefs, emotional tension accumulates between them. When a water person explodes, unable to tolerate resentment further, the fire sign, instead of appeasing a close partner, often remains completely indifferent to him.

The main problem facing each of the partners in this relationship is to learn to understand and accept the emotional world of his partner, so unlike his personal world. Fire is obliged to accustom itself to reckon with the impressionability and resentment of a close partner, and water must renounce its manner of carrying its own insults every time alone, accumulating more and more of them with each new day. At the beginning of a relationship, the principle of attraction of antagonistic opposites is triggered – Aries / Cancer, Leo / Scorpio and Sagittarius / Pisces.

Sexually, the compatibility of fire and water is possible only at the very beginning of a relationship, when the fire still retains its impulsiveness, and the water has not had time to accumulate insults and resentments. However, in the future, this couple can expect big problems: the sexuality of the water element is strongly connected with their emotions, and due to the fact that they have enough to feel offended or simply in a bad mood in order to slow down sexually.

Conversely, if the fire is not physically sick, it constantly flares up without difficulty – seeing this, the water will often deny him sex, with the idea of ​​revenge for the insult inflicted on her, and sex will only be a weapon in the war between two partners. Emotional, mental and sexual differences – will prevent them from living a long and stable life together.


The seeds that make the land fertile are spread through the air – however, the air often deprives the earth of life-giving moisture and can raise clouds of dust. The relationship between earth and air will be very, very problematic, as will the relationship between fire and water. Earth signs ( Taurus , Virgo and Capricorn ) believe that air signs (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius) are very superficial. In addition, earthen signs suppress their partners with their conservatism and pragmatism. However, the earth is unable to understand and master the air signs.

Обычно люди этих стихий не очень сильно стремятся быть вместе, и все же, если между стихиями земли и воздуха завязываются какие-то взаимоотношения, они способны быть и длительными, и продуктивными. Людей стихий земли и воздуха объединяет рациональный, логический тип мышления, различия между ними только в том, что люди стихии воздуха намного более интеллектуальны и предпочитают теории и теоретизировать, в то время как люди стихии земли в своих соображениях и взглядах остаются всегда трезвыми и реалистичными и любят практику. И всё же, сочетание качеств мышления этих стихий — блестящего интеллекта “воздушных” людей с талантом способности организовать и постоянством “земных“ людей может быть крайне продуктивным.

These relationships can have emotional and sexual problems. These two elements are very different with each other, so it can be difficult for them to live together. People of both elements do not like to talk about their feelings – the air because it lives mainly by reason, and the earth because it constantly tries to keep its emotions under control – to control them. Because of this state of affairs, a person of the air may consider his partner not sophisticated and romantic, and the person of the earth will be nervous about the inability of the air in the sexual sphere to respond to purely physical sexual stimulation and do without various romantic fantasies and reasoning. As you can imagine, marriage for such people, where sex plays a rather important role, will be problematic.


The combination of these elements is not very good – water signs (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces) live with feelings, but air signs (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius) do not. But not infrequently these elements are attracted to each other – this is like fatality. The air sign delights in sensitivity and receptivity, mystery and inscrutability, as well as the intuition of a watermark, and a water sign loves communication skills, communication skills, good intelligence and versatility of interests of an air sign.

At the very beginning of the development of these relations, partners, as often happens between antagonistic elements, are completely absorbed in each other: the air seeks to understand the incomprehensible change in the disposition of the water person, bewitched by the brilliance of the mind and the communication skills of the air person. In sex, they both need romance and sublimity. But pretty soon they will begin to understand how unlike each other and how difficult it is for them to be together.