Eighth House in Astrology


Eighth House of Death and Rebirth. The eighth house is one of the three mystical houses in your chart (the other two are the fourth and twelfth) and is very difficult to understand. Sometimes referred to as the home of spiritual rebirth, it rules over the forces associated with sex, birth, death, and the afterlife. He patronizes inheritance – material and spiritual. Money belonging to your partner, taxes, and debts are also within the sphere of influence of this house. The eighth house can tell you the circumstances of your death, although the exact time remains a mystery. He is a patron of surgery related to revival. It is the home of supernatural powers and occult knowledge.

Entering the 8th house, we again reach the end of the zone. The eighth house is the last house of the second group of four houses; this “watery” house indicates the culmination of a relationship between individuals. In the 7th house, close relationships between people in the sphere of contracts and obligations – promises reach the peak. But it is one thing to promise, to say “I love, respect, cherish”, and quite another thing is to really fulfill what is promised.

If the 7th house can be considered as a marriage ceremony, then the 8th house symbolizes the honeymoon and everything that comes to us during a long life together. The eighth house considers the exit of the personality outside its own shell in order to merge with what is outside it. In particular, this applies to the experience of concluding an alliance with other people and to all areas of life with them without exception.

Since the eighth house is the next house and is located opposite the 2nd house, the quality of this house is value – the value obtained in interactions. But the plutonian nature of the 8th house requires the abandonment of individuality in order to acquire new value, significance. If you want to ascend to a new stage of development, become better than you are, if you want to improve your life through union and merging with other people, then you must sacrifice something, something must die. Thus, in the classical interpretation, the 8th house is associated with death.

This is not a simple departure from life, but going beyond oneself and returning within oneself, recreating the struggle of birth. It is death and rebirth; a process that is carried out through in-depth partnerships and a search for what needs transformation in oneself. Such a process does not always happen literally in the presence of another person, but the aura of his influence is always there, when you reach the edge of the symbolic cliff called “Leap of Lovers”, will your loved one jump with you? Or you may be tempted. You will be lured by deception and you will jump alone, or worse. Will your partner push you? The paradox is that you have to trust your partner and yet you have to jump alone.

Sexual contacts in the 8th house are very powerful. This is not a pure self-centered 2nd house sensibility, or a 5th house love spectacle. This is the highest level, the peak of sexual experience, the release that occurs when arousal reaches its highest point – a temporary loss of consciousness at the time of orgasm. This connection between sex and death is neither pathological nor playful; this is the highest level of sexual creativity – not the production of children in the physical sense, but the creation in the psychological sense of a new seed of one’s “I”. The fact that most people remain sensitive only to sexual urges does not necessarily mean that these people are not transforming. In the 8th house, you don’t need to be conscious at all for transformation, you just need to follow the path that is provided to you.

The eighth house is the realm of secrets. What is outside of me? Will I die if I go beyond my own shell? Will this be my end or the beginning of a new path? This house is an area of ​​experimentation, therefore it is associated with the realms of the occult and intuition.

As with the second house, when interpreting the 8th house, it is appropriate to talk about money, but for this house, as for the 2nd house, there is also a tendency towards simplification of interpretation. The eighth house is the second house, which is interpreted too literally, and this simplistic approach makes it difficult to understand the psychological meaning of the 8th house. The eighth house is not for the cowardly. To work out this house requires the power of an oak and the flexibility of a willow, since we are talking about a change, and not just about a change of form that happens many times, but about a real, without deception, change – a fundamental modification of personality.

Each of us is given the opportunity to change ourselves many times during our life, but not everyone uses it. Those who do not learn to “die while staying alive” – and this is the quintessence of the 8th house – can be assured that they will be given the opportunity to learn at the end of life from their own physical death. But they should know – no one has left this alteration alive yet. The Eighth House defines the zodiac sign Scorpio and the planet Pluto.