Earth Release in Chinese Astrology


The element of the Earth is the basis of human life. It symbolizes faith, stability, common sense and honesty. People of the Earth are patient and kind, you can trust them, count on their help and care. Moreover, they are quite static and restrained, giving the impression of being cold. Subconsciously, representatives of Earth Release strive to devote themselves to serving others, to put the interests of other people above their own. The ability for careful planning and conservatism allow them to make informed decisions and make them good managers, since they are good at organizing not only their own, but also other people’s resources. They have well developed logical thinking, practicality and purposefulness.

People of the sign of the element Earth are methodically and unhurriedly moving towards their goals, achieving sustainable results. But they don’t like to take risks. In addition, they do not attach too much importance to things, accepting them as they are. However, there are times when people on Earth need support and good advice. In order to feel comfortable, they need material security. At the same time, they get by with quite simple and modest things: good food, simple pleasures, without requiring anything special.

In difficult moments, yellow will help the man of the Earth. Houses are preferable for them square, with a flat roof. You can enhance the influence of an element in the interior by using objects made of clay, porcelain, crystals, sand. As well as yellow and brown square-shaped objects. The Earth Man has a mutual sympathy for the People of Metal and Water. With Fire, a certain alertness arises, and the Tree will bring conflicts to the Earth.

Elemental Earth Man

People of this element have exceptionally developed logical thinking. They are purposeful and practical, focusing on solid, proven areas of being. The conservative nature of these people makes them weigh everything carefully before making a decision (“Measure seven times, cut once” – this is a proverb about the people of the Earth). Organizational talent is inherent in them, they know how to take a broad look at things, carefully plan their actions – all this makes them excellent managers, they manage well both their own and other people’s resources. On the other hand, sometimes they need support and good advice.

For well-being, they need material security. Man of the Earth is enterprising, serious and methodical. With a firm hand, he is expanding and rebuilding the business. If he takes up something, rest assured, the results will not be long in coming. He can be reproached for being too much of a pedant, but thanks to his merits, a person of this kind moves towards the goal, maybe slowly, but achieves good and stable results. He sees things as they are. He can be satisfied with quite modest things: good food, a glass of beer, a good sleep – what more could you ask for?

He leads a healthy lifestyle. His sense of responsibility and discipline are completely predictable. If a man of Earth collides with the face of the element of Metal, mutual sympathy immediately arises. Surely this person can be an ideal marriage partner. It’s the same with Water. Some vigilance will not hurt if Fire is in the field of view of the Earth. The tree will give the Earth nothing but conflict. The earth is neutral.

Earth Man

The magical attraction of the Earth man is due to the fact that he never pursues the object of his passion. A man of this element exists, as it were, to be discovered, but he himself will never open himself to others. Known for his rigidly predetermined approach to life, he takes root firmly within his known territory until a woman walks by. He is not inclined to passionate love adventures, and in general he does not want to change his comfortable and pleasant way of life for the sake of anyone else.

The energy and sexual appetites of the Earth are in many ways similar to his enjoyment of the pleasures of life. For the very finely tuned feelings of the Earth, food, sensuality, a fragrant bath, and restful sleep are no less pleasant than victories in the field of love. His sexuality is natural, he feels his own body and is a lot proud of him. However, in a sense, Earth-Man is elusive. He longs for something that he himself calls spiritual, but is so attached to the earth that he is enthusiastic about any person who reveals to him the secrets of the spiritual world.

However, the Earth man insists on checking everything and everything with his own senses. The Earth-Man believes that only the object that is tangible, is in front of the eyes, with which you can talk and listen, is real. Only then can relationships exist. The sexuality of the Earth must include all the senses, especially those related to tactile sensations. The Earth Man always wants to be here and now. For the Earth man, beauty is a relative concept, and if you demonstrate your love for him by preparing his favorite food, massaging his back or climbing into the bath with him, then soon you will be amazed at the depth and sensuality of this incredibly loyal and devoted partner.

Earth Woman

She is distinguished by high sensuality and is in constant harmony with the surrounding world. For her, harmony is important not only in the house, but also in personal relationships. Outwardly, she may seem calm, balanced and even immersed in herself, however, under this mask there is open sexuality, fiery and seductive passion. Women of the elements of the Earth are incredibly feminine. They are always acutely aware of their individuality, feel how they are dressed, how they look, are aware of what their favorite style of clothing is and what their system of life values ​​consists of.

Earth Woman is the embodiment of Aphrodite, who symbolizes not only divine, sacred love, but also a purely carnal passion. On the path of the Earth woman, there is one danger that it is desirable to avoid – this is the feeling of ownership, seasoned with a fair amount of jealousy. At the same time, the Earth woman is not prone to promiscuous relationships, she just has an instinctive flair for a man that can cause a shiver of languor. When a woman-Earth is alone and waiting in the wings, one “that” smile or precise touch is enough to arouse in her the need for physical intimacy, and then she will not hesitate to use her seductress charm.

It is perfectly natural for the Earth to exalt her lover or partner! In order to completely own her beloved, the Earth woman will readily alienate her entire family and work colleagues from him. She can fill the whole house with various elegant little things, she is able to cook perfectly and knows how to charm any company with herself. And yet, under a layer of amazing qualities, a desperate need for reliability and protection is hidden: the Earth woman sincerely believes that only undivided ownership of everything she loves will provide her with much-needed security.