Dumbbells – Meaning of Dream


If in a dream you buy a dumbbell, it foretells the need to decide on important issues. If in this case, it reflects your fear of making a mistake; therefore it wouldn’t go amiss if you seek for a piece of advice from a person who is a true authority for you.

If you are doing exercises with dumbbells in a dream, in real life you may face complications. Not excluded, that you will have a conflict leading to a fight. If you drop the dumbbells when performing the exercise, it bodes that you may lose confidence in your sweetheart, and it will lead to a long separation.

In the dream book by Miller, if you choose a dumbbell in the store and check its weight, it tells that you should ask for help from older and more experienced person. Training with dumbbells in a dream signals of fight.

If an entrepreneur dreams that he dropped the dumbbells, then most likely he will encounter business complications that will be a turning point in his business career.

Dreaming of a man with dumbbells in his hands, in reality there is a serious threat to your health. Sometimes this dream foretells that you will experience the feeling of guilt for some unseemly act. Dumbbells in Freud’s dream book are interpreted as overestimation of own strength by taking over a mission that can’t be performed. Perhaps this dream indicates the excessive requirements in sexual life.

To lift dumbbell in a dream – means to start something laborious.



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