Duck – Meaning of Dream


Duck is a quite common type of poultry. There might be many different variations of the dreams with ducks, so let’s check a few of them.

If you see yourself hunting a duck in a dream, this dream is usually portends drastic and unexpected changes in the implementation of your plans. And if you shoot a duck while hunting it is a bad sign. It symbolizes the enemies, who will happily trick you in the most difficult time of your life. If you dream of ducks flying in the sky during the hunt, it means that you will be lucky in the near future. Perhaps, it signals about the birth of a child, a good purchase of a house or a car, a happy marriage, and so on.  

Dreaming of a duck on the water is a good symbol. It means that soon the dreamer will receive important information and if he/she disposes of it properly, he/she will be able to achieve a lot. But if you rescued a duck from the water, it symbolizes the problems associated with children.

Dreaming of the ducks swimming on the crystal clear water means the birth of a long-awaited baby. If a duck swims away from you, it is a sign of the imminent journey or trip, which will bring a lot of positive emotions.

If you dream of a duck on the water, and then it step out to the ground, then the dream may indicate that you are trying to combine something physical and spiritual.

If you dream of completely white duck, which walks in the yard, it is a sign of a rich harvest and prosperity in the family.

What if you see ducks constantly running away from you? In the first place, this dream can symbolize a lack of understanding between you and your close partner. This situation will not change soon, as you soul mate doesn’t show any desire to get closer.

If you dream of a duck flying into the room, it is a sign of a great misfortune associated with the family. It is possible that someone from your family is sick and will require a lot of attention from you. Need to show patience and care to this person.

If a married man sees a duck in a dream, it means that he can enjoy the serenity of his family, his wife and children will be secured.

If in a dream you see ducks, actively moving – you’ll do complicated work that will make you tired.

If you see ducks, swimming persistently towards you, unfortunately, this is a sign that in real life you will experience disappointment. The same meaning has the dream in which ducks are eating out of your hands.

A dream, where you observe a duck that dives, indicates the difficult situation in which you are now. You have to change your attitude towards life, make independent decisions, and learn to deny some people who knowingly use you.