Drum – Meaning of Dream


In the dream you don’t play drums, you just hear the sound of it coming from afar, such dream means that your friend got into trouble and he will need your help.

Drum in your dream, means that your loved ones and close friends consider you to be friendly and non-controversial personality.

If you hear muffled drum sounds in the dream and you are a sailor or a fisherman, it is a sign of good luck and prosperity, the same thing, for farmers and those people who do business in the trade.

According to Z. Freud, if you see a drum in the dream, it means that in real life, you tend to exaggerate, and you perceive the relationship with a partner in distorted way. You are struggling to prove that everything is good, whereas in reality it is not quite smooth. But the drumbeat symbolizes adultery. So pay attention not to your partner, but to your relationship and your behavior. You will be guilty that your partner decides to search for happiness with another woman.

If you dreamed that you beat the drums, it indicates that in real life, you tend to attract attention of your partner to personal “ego”. In your opinion, great contribution for the creation of solid and harmonious relations belongs exclusively to you and your partner didn’t do anything, therefore he/she must constantly extol you and thank.

The beat in drum draws your attention to the particular situation. If you see a silent drum, beware of slander. A drum beat in the dream, is a sign that you need to listen to the advice.

Drum in the dream, is a symbol of important events; warning call for vigilance; death of a friend, a misfortune; terrible, destructive shamanic influence. Drum also symbolizes, heart rhythms; desperate call for help.

If you see yourself as a drummer in orchestra, it means that you will be an object of favorable rumors, after which most likely, you will be promoted.

The sounds of music, heard by a lady/girl, indicate that she will be meeting with insincere flatterer. This person will try to somehow hurt, but she will be able to successfully resist him. She just need to follow own convictions and do not succumb to false emotion. So do not ignore such a dream, and perceive it as a friendly advice.

People who were born in autumn, and see or play such musical instrument in the dream, will meet one real love for the rest of their lives.

If the sound is chunking and is not clear, it’s a sign of critical fatigue of the human soul. In this case, you need urgent rest and preferably away from the city. You can move in the direction of the sea coast and soak up the warm sand.



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