Draughts – Meaning of Dream


If you dreamed of small children excitedly playing draughts, then in reality you will face unexpected joy and lightheartedness. It is possible that very soon you will be lucky enough to travel to some exotic countries. You can relax, have rest and forget about all the problems that disturbed you.

If in reality you are preparing for a trip and in a dream you saw yourself playing draughts, it means that during the trip you might face some unexpected problems and troubles.

If you play the game of draughts – a dream predicts a real pleasure and a colorful continuous round of events around you. Joyful dream, in which you are constantly winning checkers and feel euphoria of victory at first glance, doesn’t portend anything good. In real life be ready for stagnation in business and failure in the material sphere.

If you lost, playing draughts and your opponent did not hesitate to openly rejoice about it, so in the near future you will achieve remarkable success in your business. If you opponent had worried about your loss, as if it was his/her, such dream promises peace and harmony in the family, at work and in business.

If you see an unusual dreamed, where for example, you are playing draughts on the stage in a theater in front of the public – this is a bad sign, predicting that you might find yourself in the epicenter of mocking and laughing of people around.

Pregnant woman, who saw children playing draughts in the dream, in reality she will become a mother of a calm and assiduous baby.

Checkers in Miller’s dream book. If you were playing draughts in the dream – in reality you will encounter serious difficulties. It is possible that the detractors will try to hurt you, so be careful and avoid open confrontation with the enemy.

If in the dream you win the game – it means that you will succeed in a very confusing and dubious affair.

Draughts in Vanga dream book. If you saw yourself competently explaining the rules of the game to a stranger, it means that in reality you will show your best business skills in order to move up the career ladder. And you will certainly get it; just try to avoid typical mistakes of careerists: do not forget the people, who have invaluably assisted you at the beginning.

If you dreamed, how you played draughts with a child, it means that apparently you are worried about own future. You are afraid to leave this world, without leaving anything behind. If you watch the children playing draughts with each other – most likely you are afraid of being alone.



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