Dollars – Meaning of Dream


If you dream as if you hold obviously fake dollars in your hands, it indicates that you are very difficult to cheat on, as the insight is one of your strengths. If you give/hand dollars to someone in a dream, then most likely it is a warning of the impending separation from a loved one. Treat this dream as a warning.

If you count dollar bills, it foretells that your financial well-being will always increase, but if you find the shortage when counting, it bodes upcoming major expenses.

If you happen to find dollars, perhaps you are experiencing difficulties in life, which is mainly due to your financial situation, but after a while you will discover a pleasant surprise, which will help to improve the situation immediately, whether the sudden inheritance or salary increase.

The interpretation of dreams about the dollar, as well as about any currency in general is twofold. It is important to remember the specific context of a dream and compare it with the existing interpretation.

Hence, a dollar symbolizes your commitment to continuous improvement of your financial status. In this case, the dream is very positive, because it does not have any negative semantics, but only reflects the reality. On the other hand, the dream may hint at an excessive desire to possess a lot of money, which may deviate from your actual capabilities. It is worth considering how to change own lifestyle so as to improve the potential.

Note that the dream about a dollar has trite interpretations. On the one hand – a neutral dream issuing your dreams of riches, but on the other – it is a warning that can help you prevent unwanted small chores.

If you presented dollars to someone, it heralds that you will spend good time outside. If you open a dollar account with a bank, it foretells that you have a chance to come into an inheritance.

If you borrowed dollars, it portends that you will have small troubles and worries. If you wasted someone’s dollars for trifle, it will be caught on small fraud.