Documents – Meaning of Dream


Various documents that you see in a dream symbolize the trouble and vanity. If the official papers are unkempt, the dreamer awake will encounter failures in affairs. This dream can also warn about cheating partners, whose cooperation will cause your problems, and will end up in complicated investigation.

If you dream that you have found some documents, in reality, you are going to make a new purchase, and get meaningful news. Futile attempts to read a document in a dream indicate the confusion of a dreamer; loss of documents entails unexpected troubles.

A dream in which you sign a document has several interpretations. By signing the contract in a dream, in reality you can receive a good deal, you can be involved in a trial or another controversial situation. If you signed under the unfamiliar document, it foretells burdensome troubles; if it was the certificate of marriage, it foretells unpleasant duty.

A dream in which you give the documents away promises losses due to your carelessness and thoughtlessness. For lovers such a dream can turn into explicit breakup.

If you receive the documents, it indicates your impeccable reputation: someone will trust you an important undertaking. If you dreamed of a notary who signs the documents, it bodes that you won’t be able to actually buy property. A dream in which you heard the official announcement of the document foretells revealing conspiracy, grief, and anguish.

Miller interpreted a dream in which a woman signs a marriage certificate as a sign of humiliating bonds infringing her pride. For a married lady this dream foretells the suppression of cheerful disposition. Bad omen is a dream in which you sign documents. In reality, you can be a defendant in a complex legal absolutely hopeless process requiring the participation of an experienced lawyer.



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