Dish – Meaning of Dream


A dish in your dreams may refer to your relationships with people, their attitude to you, financial status, dignity and fairness.

If somebody is presenting you a dish in your dream, it means that there will take place some events which will have serious influence on the development of your personality. Very soon something that will be powerful enough to change your world outlook will happen to you. It can be some event or news, for instance.

Putting treats on a dish in your dream forebodes realization of all your dreams, even the most cherished ones. But it doesn’t mean that you may sit back and do nothing. Continue working at their implementation. Probably, only then they will come true. For a girl/woman such a dream betokens greater attention from the representatives of opposite sex. Maybe, you will attend a party or become a member of a new team. If you are single, it can be that you’ll find your soulmate and future husband there.

If you are trying your best to cook some dish, it signifies that you are focused on your family and friends’ well-being. You are ready to do anything and only the best for them. Be sure, they will be very pleased and grateful for your attention. They’ll obligatory pay you back with the same coin.

Seeing that you are eating a treat from a dish cautions you against extra financial expenditures. Don’t blow your savings on unnecessary things. Soon the time will come when they won’t be out of place at all. You will need them for some urgent and important affair. To cope with this financial hardship, be reasonable and wise. Don’t let the things run themselves because such behavior is fraught with additional problems, not only financial ones.

If you’ve broken a dish in your dream, it signifies that you’ll have a conflict with someone you depend on. It may be the one with your boss, for example. In the result you can be either demoted or fired. Think a possible quarrel thoroughly over and decide whether you need get involved in it. There are two ways out:



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