Disco – Meaning of Dream


If the settings of a dream take place at a disco club, it is a herald of upcoming fun and noisy celebration in which excessive drinking may lead to frivolous behavior. In other words, this dream warns against hasty and reckless behavior in a company of friends or strangers.

Dancing at a party promises unexpected and pleasant surprises. Another interpretation of the disco is the hastiness of actions and steps in life and incorrect assessment of the circumstances.

If you see yourself at a disco, it portends that you will have fun and will spend good time in the near future. In the life you will have a kaleidoscope of events and its development will strengthen.

In the modern dream book, a disco is interpreted as a loss of time and money. Another interpretation says about possible conflict or disagreement, as well as stress.

If you watch other people moving around on the dance floor, it signifies that you lack of development in life and may need to unwind and relax your subconscious.

If a young girl dreams that she went to a disco, it means that in the near future, she will make the first step in getting acquainted with a young guy, whom she liked. The same interpretation has a dream as if she dances alone.

But if the young woman dances and the music abruptly stops, it bodes that she has to be ready for troubles, as well as the negative and dubious acquaintances in reality. If she met someone at the disco, it does not mean the imminent meeting with the men in her life.

When interpreting a dream about disco, you should pay attention to your mood in a dream. If you were happy, it bodes only good events; if you were sad – get ready for something bad.

In today’s world, very often young people dream of a party or disco, while many people think that this dream does not mean anything, others search for its interpretation in the dream books, and find there the truthful information. And in fact, there are many interpretations of this dream.

For example sometimes a disco means simply the desire to relax and unwind. And sometimes these are the recycled subconscious goals and plans to go to a party in the near future.

A dance with a friend portends a joyous event. If you are being watched at a disco, it foretells the family scandal.

However, if people applauded you and admired your dancing talent, it foreshadows that you will be praised in real life; you will be offered a better position or a lucrative contract.

In general, if you go to a disco club, most likely you will have good changes and something new in life.



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