Dirt – Meaning of Dream


Stepping into dirt foretells upcoming bad situation from which it will be difficult to get out. Dirt, which a dreamer digs, foretells that soon he/she will do something bad and will dig the dirt on his/her enemy.

If you fall in a dream with your face in the dirt, in a short time you may lose your credibility among friends and relatives.

If you see a lot of dirt you will earn lots of money.

If a person dreams that he/she is smeared with mud, it is a sign of a slander.

In general, the dirt means shame, trouble and gossip. Therefore, after this dream you should carefully consider your actions and look to your surroundings, perhaps someone of you friend only pretends being a friend.

But, if a person still managed to jump over the dirt, it signals of ability to avoid many troubles.

In you walk in the mud/dirt, it portends some disorder in a family and will be greatly disappointed.

If you see how others go through the mud, it is a sign that soon your friend will start to spread unflattering rumors about you.

If you clean clothes from dirt, it is a reflection of your ability to avoid gossips. You should pay attention to the fact that if you dream of getting dirty in own house, it signals of success.

Dirty dark spots on new clean clothes are an indication that you don’t obey public standards. But if you wash out dirt, you will manage to change own life for the better.

If you take dirt in your hands, it foreshadows that soon your loved ones will be in trouble. If there was dirt on the shoes of a dreamer, it is a sign that someone will diligently try to hinder his/her deeds and will disturb a lot.

In an erotic dream book it said that dirt in a dream portends that a dreamer will soon get acquainted with a person, the communication with whom will last very long. Based on this dating, chances are that you get infectious disease, and serious health problems. You should carefully choose your friends.

If you went out on the street and found a lot of dirt, it is a harbinger that soon a lot of secrets will be revealed.

In the French dream book interpretation dirt means poverty. But, if a person gets the dirt out of the sea, it is a sign that soon his/her material state will increase, and deals will go smoothly.

Nostradamus in his dream book describes the dirt in a dream, as turbulence of events, and gossips.

If you see mud and you can’t pass it and don’t see where it ends, it portends danger that is threatening you, you will have hard and adverse times, which it will be very difficult to find a way out.

If you see how the city in covered with dirt, it portends that a natural disaster may happen soon.

To dream of gold coins which sink in the mud foreshadows that a dreamer honors and respects totally unworthy person. It is necessary to take a closer look to such a person and draw the right conclusions.

To dream as a person smears himself with mud indicates that one of your friends is strongly ill and will need expensive care.

Dirt, which is poured in the plates, is a sign of upcoming carefree times.

Nostradamus believed that if a man sees how children dig in the dirt and play with it, this dream means that people will soon get bored with civilization, and they want to be alone with nature, to know its beauty, approach it and start life from the scratch.



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