Diet – Meaning of Dream


If you had a desire to stick to a diet, in the modern dream book it is interpreted as a sign of a big surprise in upcoming future. The same dream can predict interesting pastime, which will be full with variety of impressions.

If you had to keep to a healthy diet in a dream, it portends that you need to look for another job in real life. The reason for this will be a problem with some very envious colleagues. The dream book says that you should not be worried too much because of this; otherwise you might really become sick.

If you visit a doctor and he prescribes you a diet – it’s time to pay for the undeserved pleasure.

In a dream you want to lose weight, but at the dinner table you eat everything you want, it heralds that you are going to have complications in the relationship with close people.

Diet in Miller’s interpretation heralds interesting and surprising news. In addition, in the near future you will be able to spend free time in a fun and interesting company.

If you limit the consumption of food because of the disease, it bodes that you are going to have changes in your business. Most likely, it will be a necessary measure. After this dream, it is desirable to be more attentive to your colleagues – among them you might find enemies. Unfavorable sign is if a doctor recommends you to stick to a strict diet. Unfortunately, you will have to change your lifestyle to a more peaceful. If you refuse, the payoff for all sorts of excesses will be very tough.

Despite the strong desire to lose weight you violate the diet and eat indiscriminately, it foretells that in real life you might experience a complete failure.

A diet in Vanga’s interpretation is a prediction that the state of your health and appearance needs attention and care. The diet prescribed by a doctor – a warning about the undesirability to change own appearance, because you believe that the body is given to a person by nature, and the interference in it can cause troubles. If a dreamer considers sticking to a diet, making a list of required products, he/she has to be prepared for an unpleasant turn of events. It is possible that he/she will be food poisoned.


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