Destination and lunar nodes

The Lunar Nodes and Notions of Time and Destiny

Many people strive to study astrology in order to find out their destiny, to realize why they came to this world. A natal chart is capable of giving a huge amount of information on this subject, but it is difficult to understand it without a professional. But in a personal horoscope there are special points associated precisely with the purpose, which will help you understand your place in the world, even without deep astrological knowledge. These are the so-called lunar nodes. In our article we will tell you how to understand your purpose by the position of the lunar nodes, what karma they carry in themselves and what fate they have prepared for you.

What are lunar nodes?

There are two lunar nodes in the horoscope, North and South. The North is your guiding star, what you should strive for in this life. In literature, it can also be called the Ascending Node or Rahu. This is the lesson you need to learn. Southern – what you had before and is now, as a gained experience, your starting point. This is both your advantage and something that you must give up over time in order to learn a new lesson. Its second name is the Descending Lunar Node (or Ketu). So, let’s start considering the positions of the lunar nodes in the signs of the zodiac.

Lunar North Node in Aries, South Node in Libra

You have a calm, peaceful nature. You have the gift of settling conflicts and reconciling contradictions. You quickly find a common language with people and are used to enjoying their support. But your true purpose is to learn to rely only on yourself. A tremendous force is dormant in you, which longs to break out. You need to learn to show your aggression, to insist on your own. You have cared for others for too long and lived in their interests. It’s time to reveal yourself for who you are and not think about the consequences. Believing in themselves, such people are able to become bright leaders, leading others.

Lunar North Node in Taurus, South Node in Scorpio

People with such positions of lunar nodes are mysterious, complex, attractive personalities. The thirst for adrenaline is literally in their blood. They need drama, a constant flow of vivid impressions, in order to feel alive. They are very hardy and often live like a Spartan, making do with the necessary minimum. But their purpose in this life is to learn to leisurely enjoy earthly goods, to accept the limitations of our human nature. They need to become more patient, flexible, peaceful. Realize that the most important wonders and mysteries of the world are hidden in the simplest things: nature, love, friendship. The ability to live one day should be transformed into the ability to plan, calculate, save.

North lunar node in Gemini, south in Sagittarius

You are a person who devotes a lot of time to philosophical reflection and spirituality, you sincerely strive to make this world a better place. You often want to take care of the weak and defenseless. Such people are characterized by pathos, a tendency to teach, intolerance to other points of view. Your task in this life is to learn to relate to life easier. Don’t limit your powerful intellect to imposed norms and excessive moralizing. Experiment, play, try new roles and new perspectives as if you were trying on new clothes. In such people, an inquisitive explorer of the world is hidden. Work with your own pride, arrogance and constantly learn new things.

North lunar node in Cancer, south in Capricorn

Individuals with this position of the lunar nodes are inveterate individualists, accustomed to going their own way in everything. Their strengths: iron discipline, dedication, honesty. Justice and law are above all for them. However, in order to move forward in their development, they need to learn that love is higher than justice, as the Bible says. They have to discover in themselves sensitivity, tenderness, sentimentality, which they could subconsciously be ashamed of for a long time. They must learn to feel themselves part of something larger: clan, family, people. Feelings, not reason, should become your main value.

North lunar node in Leo, south in Aquarius

Equality, brotherhood, freedom is the main slogan with which people born with such a position of knots are accustomed to live. Pride is the worst sin in their understanding. They easily sacrifice themselves for their ideals. Serving something greater than themselves (religion, ideology, politics) is an important part of their life. However, in order to fulfill their destiny, they need to discover secret ambitious dreams within themselves. You have a bright enough personality to go your own way. You shouldn’t be afraid to realize that you can be better than others. Your pride in yourself will not turn into pride, but will allow you to reach your potential.

North lunar node in Virgo, south node in Pisces

Such people are used to living in a world of their own dreams. Phenomenally developed intuition is one of their main gifts. They are able to anticipate events and sense people at a distance. They also have the ability to be creative. They are accustomed to being guided by the heart, not the mind. But their main goal in this life is to stop living exclusively by emotions, but to master their very powerful intellect. You need to go down to earth, your happiness is right here, and not in the sky-high palaces. You have to learn discipline, planning, neatness. It is thanks to these qualities that your many creative talents will be able to bloom in you.

Lunar north node in Libra, lunar south node in Aries

You are an assertive and self-confident person who is used to going your own way. Quiet enough, you find it difficult to compromise. The strength of such individuals lies in their ability to say “no”, in their ability to react with lightning speed to changes and take risks when necessary. In this life, you have to learn the art of diplomacy in every sense of the word. Develop wisdom, complaisance, objectivity in yourself. For quite a long time you relied only on yourself, now you need to build connections with other people, do not hesitate to ask for help, give and accept support.

North lunar node in Scorpio, south in Taurus

A special gift of these people is the ability to see beauty in every little thing. They are calm, patient, value their own comfort above all else. They know how to make the right impression on others and win their love. They may seem overly down to earth, but deep down they feel attracted to something greater. Their vocation in this life is to get out of their comfort zone and open up to the unknown. Love the process of changes, constant transformations that will accompany such people all their lives. Like Phoenix, they will die and be reborn from the ashes. The clinging to illusory stability must be mercilessly discarded.

North lunar node in Sagittarius, south in Gemini

You are used to seeing life as an exciting game, a series of exciting adventures. You have many hobbies and acquaintances, everywhere you feel at ease. But you have a certain superficiality, you do not take anything seriously in your life. And liberation from this frivolity is your karmic task in this incarnation. Such people have to develop such qualities as moral cleanliness, an orientation towards spirituality, generosity. You have a very strong inner child, but now you need to develop a wise adult in yourself. Your mission is to learn to take responsibility for yourself and for others.

North lunar node in Capricorn, south in Cancer

You are an unusually sensitive and warm person, someone even thinks you are too sentimental. Such people are very attached to their own home, family, homeland. They prefer to lead a quiet and calm life, “not sticking out”. But in the depths of their souls, an extraordinary strength of spirit is dormant, which longs to manifest. You are not at all the kind of white-handed that may seem to others. Your true goal is to constantly overcome yourself and develop discipline. You are born to actively serve lofty goals, not just dream about them in a comfortable environment. Feats and adventures scare you, but still you will not be able to realize yourself if you refuse to go out into the outside world from your cozy shell.

North lunar node in Aquarius, south node in Leo

These personalities are used to shining in society, they are very ambitious. They have a unique charisma that attracts people madly, they are able to lead a crowd. But their weak side is pride, they are sensitive to flattery. They must learn to use their abilities not only for selfish purposes, but also for the benefit of the whole society, collective, etc. Your destiny is to overcome the base possessive instincts, to become more spiritual and philanthropic. In your soul you feel the call to freedom and independence from the opinions of others. And you will find your happiness only when you decide to follow it.

North lunar node in Pisces, south in Virgo

People with this position of the lunar nodes are distinguished by a strong and flexible intellect, they are neat, disciplined and attentive. They feel more comfortable in the role of a follower rather than a leader. You are probably used to being guided in all by the voice of reason, but inside something beckons you to mysticism and esotericism. Your goal is to learn how to combine intellectual and intuitive knowledge. You are constantly in a hurry somewhere, you can be fussy, unsure of yourself. You need to learn to listen to yourself, work on the ability to maintain harmony in any situation. You are capable of being a visionary, a creator, a medium.