December 9 Birthday.


YOUR SIGN – Sagittarius.

YOUR SYMBOL: The Centaur


YOUR RULERS –  Jupiter, Mars. 

December 9  Birthday interpretation.

As a December 9 Sagittarius birth date, you are the type of individual who is likely to take an extremely active approach and outlook toward life. For you, every day will be viewed as a new and exciting day for an opportunity to undertake, and to gain as many interesting life experiences as you can.

Qualities associated with this December 9 birth date indicate that you have an inherent self-drive supported by plenty of energy to be able to fulfill your creative objectives in life. You are likely to be someone who will tend to be able to achieve your set goals, and to do so, even where you have had to face up to, and overcome, considerable opposition.

You can have the tendency to try to aim to achieve too much in a given time frame so that for you, there may not be enough hours in day to accomplish your goals. The answer for you, is to endeavor to become more disciplined, and to center upon achieving one goal at a time.

With your natural enthusiasm for life and wide-ranging interests, it might prove of difficulty for you to have to prioritize your objectives. Without your doing so however, and not concentrating upon a given objective at a time, you will find that your energies and efforts can result in little in the way of practical results. For the December 9,

“Less” can result in gaining more while too much can lead to nothing.

Where you can learn to self-discipline your natural enthusiasm, and to utilize your qualities, confidence and daring toward that of education, self-expression, and personal satisfying achievement, you will then avoid ending up with any sense for confusion or unfulfilled dissatisfaction.

On the career/vocation front, the December 9 could well find that arenas involving the subject of mathematics attractive. This could encompass a vocation in accounting, finance, or in the engineering type fields.

The December 9 birth carries with the powerful sense of passion and sexuality associated with the sign of Sagittarius. You are likely to be a good flirt with powers for seduction that are unlikely to allow anything to restrict, or to interfere with the manner in which you conduct your relationships.

The good-natured, optimistic enthusiastic approach that you have toward life does not indicate that you are one who will have little appreciation for the more critical issues existent in this world. Qualities associated with this December 9 birth date indicate that you are likely to give a deep interest to matters of major world issues.

As example, this aspect of your personality can lead you to review and to question the more destructive results, and the costs to humanity and nature that are arising as result of the world’s modern technologies.

Born on this December 9 day, you have an outlook that tends to look at life in a different way from others. This is something enables you to see the direct result of our past choices upon the present day, and the legacy that we are placing upon the next generation.

This is likely to result in you having a conscious inner personal concern for the future for wildlife extinction, and the ultimate destructions upon the world around us. A result of such interest and concerns could lead you to lending your support, or taking an active interest in one of the major environmental organizations.

The colors of red, purple, chestnut brown, peach, and royal blue, resonate well with this December 9 birth date.

The mineral of “amber’ is a powerful gem for you, and a ring that incorporates a piece of “amber” worn on your index finger can help you to deal with and overcome any obstacles that may arise in your life.

On the home front, the December 9 does not like to feel overly restricted or hemmed in within their surroundings, so that the home layout should provide for an emphasis upon plenty of open space.

Species of fruitwoods resonate well with your warm nature, and where possible, some furniture pieces made from such woods should provide a comfortable atmosphere for you.

Quality is likely to be of more importance for you than that of quantity, and luxury is a quality valued by Sagittarians. As result your home furnishings and possessions are likely to project and image of a comfortable luxury.

The colors of blues, purples and reds can be good decorative colors for you, and where tastefully incorporated within your home décor should provide for a visually pleasing and luxurious impact upon your senses.

Your bedroom decor and furnishings should be selected to support that sensual aspect of your personality. Velvet materials in deep rich colors such as rich purple should be especially pleasing to you. A large impressive bed with a high headboard and a very low footboard, some appropriate mirrors, a soft lighting system, and some bedroom scents such as lavender should help to set the bedroom atmosphere to your personal liking.

On the out doors front, the December 9 needs will enjoy environments that provide for unrestricted free wandering activities. Tramping, climbing and horse riding might well be outdoor activities that appeal to you.

By your nature you will prefer the environment of open spaces so that an organized or detailed garden layout will not be so important to you.

Physical activity is an important aspect in your life, and playing in some way is the best way for you to focus your energy. As result, you should have some equipment to satisfy that need in your garden, such as some sports equipment, a netting based game, or basketball hoop for example.

Redwood lawn furniture would be a perfect addition to your outdoor environment.

Your special numbers are 3 and 2. The ninth day of the twelfth month reduces to three, and the number three represents that of growth and development. The 344th day of the year reduces to two, and the number two contributes the quality of the power for reflection to this path. This indicates an ability to be able to help others to look within themselves in order to face up to their own realities and arrive at their own answers in life.