December 8 Birthday.


YOUR SIGN – Sagittarius.

YOUR SYMBOL: The Centaur


YOUR RULERS –  Jupiter, Mars. 

December 8  Birthday interpretation.

The December 8 Sagittarius birth date identifies with an individual who has a life path of exploration, and one who will regularly be pushing for the limits in their life environment.

These are qualities of the explorer, and constitute a person who is constantly being driven toward that of seeking out new discoveries, knowledge, and the boundaries of that which is unknown. The danger associated with this path in life is the risk that your curiosity can end up in you taking on excessive, if not needless risks, in your powerful desire for new knowledge.

As a December 8 you have a mind that is constantly expanding the possibilities for your numerous activities and involvements.

In your vocation career arena you will tend to visualize the most favorable potentials possible, and then commit all of your resources in a dedicate drive toward attaining your desired goal.

These are the qualities of a natural trader as exampled by those of the past who have identified an opportunity, and traveled out over the high seas to bring home the bounty of the world. A career or vocation that involves some aspect of international trading could be a natural working environment for you.

You will by nature tend to aim high in life because the concept of “bigger” is definitely the more favorable option where you are concerned. This can certainly result in a desire to attain a high position socially. However, with a tendency to dislike to much in the way of restrictions, you may not have the patience to deal with all of the responsibilities, and the calls upon your time that such a position in society is likely to involve.

December 8 is a birth date that indicates you are well favored in your outlook, attitude and abilities to the achievement of financial reward and wealth.

On the personal relationship front, once you have identified a subject for your love desires you will by your very nature, harness all of your exceptional flirtatious, seductive and persuasive energies in order to achieve your conquest. Having achieved your desired objectives however, you can, due to an inherent dislike for restriction, have a tendency of desire to move on. This can result in you finding yourself moving from relationship to relationship, because you may experience some difficulty in deriving a complete sense of satisfaction from only one person.

Wisdom is an element associated with this birth date, and in this respect you have the ability to be able to effectively adjudicate between conflicting possibilities or viewpoints in a fair and objective manner. Having said that however, in your particular case you can have a tendency to be somewhat excessively severe when it comes to your judgment of others.

The December 8 is essentially a good-natured optimist, and a socially outgoing individual. You could also be gifted with intuitions, insights and perception that are of predictive and visionary nature. Having said that however, you may have a tendency to waste such energies upon ideas and ideals of an impractical nature.

The arenas of music, drama and comedy are likely to be excellent avenues for the release of your creative talents. You enjoy the comical aspects of life, like a good laugh, and are likely to take particular delight in the inbuilt comedy aspects of cartoon type characters.

When considering your dress ware, the fabrics of suede and velvet resonate particularly well with your birth date. You might like considering, a suede jacket or pants for example.

The colors of dark red, ruby red, sapphire blue, the medium reddish brown color known as russet, and that of the violet/blue iris shade resonates well with this birth date.

The minerals of “ruby” and the “blue sapphire” are gems stones that can help to inspire and enlighten your mental outlook to life, and a piece of “rose quartz” about your person or alongside your bed will help to encourage your qualities for tolerance and sensitivity.

On the home front, The December 8 will appreciate an unrestricted spacey atmosphere. You should provide plenty of space for your social activities, and with your energetic social outlook, some impromptu dancing now and then.

You could have a tendency to want to re-arrange your home furnishings on a regular basis, and where you do, should consider buying furniture pieces that are easily moveable around the room.

December 8 appreciates quality and this is an element that should be maintained throughout your home. Fine woods for furnishings and lush quality drapes and carpeting. Velvet is a material that should appeal to your nature.

Some wind chimes that incorporate some form of sun image can help to enhance in you a more positive outlook toward others.

The strong sensual side to your personality should be reflected within the bedroom arena. A large impressive elevated bed, with warm sensual carpeting and rugs, plus some lush rich color velvet window drapes should be pleasing to your eye and senses. Don’t forget to include some mirrors and fine perfumes to finalize your bedroom atmosphere.

On the outdoors front, the December 8 needs an environment that will help to satisfy your energy needs and your desire for freedom from restriction. Walking, hiking, cycling, tramping, or climbing for example could well be great outdoor activities for you.

In your garden layout, you will as a December 8, tend to favor an environment that projects an image of the unusual. Quirky statuettes or garden ornaments that catch the eye will appeal to you as well as unusual shaped flowerbeds and scrub or small tree plantings.

As a December 8, you are likely to favor flowers of the more brilliant and larger bloom varieties.

With your love for animals, a dog kennel would not be out of order in the garden of the December 8, and some form of games activity equipment such as a swing, seesaw or basketball hoop would provide for your energy outputs.

Your special numbers are 2 and 1. The eighth day of the twelfth month reduces to two, and the number two signifies that of wisdom, approachability, repetition, and dependability. The 343rd day of the year reduces to one, and the number one provides you with an ever-open optimistic expectation for the next adventure to arise in your life.