December 7 Birthday.


YOUR SIGN – Sagittarius.

YOUR SYMBOL: The Centaur


YOUR RULERS –  Jupiter. 

December 7  Birthday interpretation.

The December 7 Sagittarius birth date provides for a combination of the fun loving jovial qualities of Jupiter, and the self-confident and aggressive quality associated with the sign of Mars.

You have an ever active mind frame that is full of thoughts, concepts, and ideas for new and interesting opportunities, with result that you could well experience considerable difficulties in trying to make decisions on the numerous possibilities that your life will present.

As a December 7 however, you have been endowed with the ability and flexibility to be able to sense, and to readjust to things as they occur, or in many cases even before they occur.

Qualities arising out of the Mars influence upon this December 7 birth date indicate that you will have the courage and the bravery to challenge authority on those times when you feel that you have been disadvantaged.

The energy influence of Mars also indicates that you are likely to hold a relatively strong desire to attain a measure of power within your life surroundings.

This could manifest in the form of acquiring a management position within a commercial organization, through to that of standing as an applicant for representation on a local council, municipal body or even as a member in government.

As a December 7 you will have the ability to be quite a ruthless individual when comes to the arena of your working environment.

In your home arena however, and with those of your family,  you will be a highly protective individual who will be more than prepared to make just about any form of sacrifice in order to ensure their well being.

The December 7 Sagittarius birth carries with it a powerful sense of passion and sexuality, and these are elements that will form a driving force within your relationships. You can be flirtatious and seductive, and are unlikely to allow anything to restrict, or to interfere with, the manner of your relationships.

As a socially outgoing good-natured optimist, the ever-restless December 7 will consider every day to be a new beginning for the exciting potentials and possibilities of tomorrow. This unbridled enthusiasm can result in sleeping difficulties, however when you do sleep, you can find that your dreams will often provide for inspirations that will prove of support and benefit in your life.

By nature of your December 7 outgoing personality you will love to attend, or to become involved with, activities of a ceremonial and ritualistic nature that involves large gatherings of pomp and spender. These could involve balls, graduation ceremonies, and weddings etc or any such occasion that provides for an emotional element for you.

This December 7 day provides for a life path of celebration that indicates one who is keenly tuned into the annual cycle of the seasons. In this respect, your strong connection to those cycles inspires in you a spiritual sense of a strong relationship between that of yourself and the fellow creatures of our world. As result, you will have a powerful inherent appreciation of nature and its world around you.

The colors of deep rich purple, olive green, wine red, cherry red, and cobalt blue resonate well with this birth date.

The minerals of “obsidian” and “apache flame agate” are stones that can help inspire your emotions and idealistic ideas, and the image of the “arrow” incorporated in jewellery or in a décor image can help to attract success in your life.

On the home front space in an all-important feature for those of this December 7 birth date. You have a natural dislike for being overly confined or restricted in any way, so that your in-home possessions are likely to be of lesser quantity and well positioned to provide for a spacey atmosphere.

Since quality is likely to be of more importance for you over that of quantity, your home furnishings and possessions are likely to project and image of a comfortable luxurious nature.

Your color schemes might include that of olive green, a color that can provide a calming influence for you, and that of rich purple that should not only appeal to you visually, but also projects that tone of luxury to your senses.

The sign of Sagittarius rules over religious ritual, with result that you might like to have some items within your home that hold a representation of sacred tradition. These might take the form of various cultural artifacts that you acquire during travels for example.

Your bedroom decor and furnishings should be selected to support that sensual aspect of your personality. Velvet materials in deep rich colors such as rich purple should be especially pleasing to you. A large impressive bed, appropriate mirrors, soft lighting and some bedroom scents such as lavender and cardamom should help to set the scene to your satisfaction.

On the out doors front, the December 7 needs an environment that provides for unrestricted activity. Hiking, cycling, tramping, and climbing could well be good out door activities to satisfy your need for freedom from restriction.

Your garden or yard should present a picture of simplicity and space. You are likely to hold a preference for trees and small scrubs, and limited areas for small easy care flower beds.

A play area will be a necessity to burn of your energy, and this should include some form of outdoor physical activity such as a trampoline, garden swing or basketball hoop for example. A small archery range set up might be a good garden activity for you.

Your special numbers are 1 and 9. The seventh day of the twelfth month reduces to one, and the number one represents that of beginnings and recommencement of a cycle. The 342nd day of the year reduces to nine, and the number nine represents the addition of an ability to be able to manage all of your start-ups in life through to their full completion.