December 5 Birthday.


OUR SIGN – Sagittarius.

YOUR SYMBOL: The Centaur


YOUR RULERS –  Jupiter. 

December 5  Birthday interpretation.

The December 5 Sagittarius birth date, identifies with an individual who will be very ambitious by nature, and in addition, they will have the capabilities to be able to undertake positions of considerable authority.

Your physical attributes for resilience and stamina will constitute a great supporting factor to your progress in life.

You are likely to have a strong liking and desire to acquire and collect around you in life, material things of a luxurious nature.

With a socially outgoing personality, the December 5 is the type of person whom others will find it fun to be in the company of. This indicates that you are likely to enjoy numerous friendships throughout your lifetime.

This is a birth date that incorporates a strong sensual nature, with result that, you are likely to be very successful in the arts of flirting and seduction. When considering your romantic relationships, you are one who will need to be with a person who has similar intellectual interests to those of your own, and one to whom the meaning of romance is more than just a romantic candle light dinner.

You can at times appear to others as somewhat of a dreamer, however having said that, you do have the capacity for creative dreaming.

As a December 5 Sagittarius you will tend to dislike most forms of restriction, and this can manifest in the form of not liking rules and regulations and/or a dislike for being in confined spaces or, even to the extent of not liking to wear tight fitting clothing.

You are endowed with an ability to be able to sense change. As example, this can relate to such events as the weather, and/or that of events or circumstances that surround you.

This is an attribute of great value that would indicate you to be particularly skilled in the arena of planning. In this respect you have that inherent foresight to swiftly recognize the changes taking place in events, and the necessary time frames during which to make adjustments to your plans in order to accommodate any new conditions as and when they arise.

As a December 5, you will have a natural inherent interest in the subject of history. Any form of historical knowledge resource can be a magnet for you, so that you are likely to derive great pleasure delving into books and written works of historical record, and in the visiting of establishments of historical value such as museums, old castles and ancient tombs for example.

Current day media systems including that of the Internet are perfect arenas for you, and you are likely to love nothing more than viewing films of a historical nature, watching documentaries, and researching and reviewing of such material over the Internet.

With your interest in the historical, the collection of antiques could be a feature of your life and if not, you are certainly likely to be attracted to visiting and browsing through such establishments.

As a December 5, you have the ability to identify how history repeats itself and will be particularly captivated by the cycles of human behavior. As result, you could well be suited to a career or vocation in the fields of anthropology or archaeology.

If you have the opportunities for overseas travel then it would be strange indeed for you not to include visits to major museums or ancient castles, tombs or ruins, within your itinerary.

This December 5 birth date identifies with a more obstinate and unyielding character than those of the other Sagittarius birth dates.

This necessitates that a times you must look to protect yourself from some of your own uncertain, precarious, if not downright risky ideas and schemes.

Since the December 5 can have a tendency toward that of isolating themselves at times from others, you should give consideration to endeavoring to intermix with others in order to bounce of your ideas with them. This can be a good way to gain an evaluation as to the true achievability of your idea or scheme.

The colors of medium green, the blue/green of aquamarine, olive green, deep violet and midnight blue resonate well with this birth date.

The minerals of “aquamarine crystal” and “turquoise” are gemstones that can help to boost your mental flexibility, and personal sense of happiness.

On the home front, the December 5 will find comfort in a spacey environment that is not over cluttered with furnishings, as example, a simplistic layout that provides for comfort with a strong touch for luxury.

Furniture items made from the some of the more exotic woods such as walnut, mahogany, cherry wood, or oak are likely to appeal to your nature.

A wraparound couch or sofa and chairs forming a curved shape would form a good scenario setting for the December 5 in which to sit and contemplate. If at all possible, an open fireplace in which to burn logs would be a great place for your inspirational concentration to dream up interesting ideas and concepts. Where not possible, then some other form of imitation fireplace effect will suffice.

Your kitchen area should be of a similar uncluttered layout with plenty of storage cupboard for storage of kitchenware and foodstuffs. Consider growing a small bowl of the herb “basil” on your kitchen window sill, it will help to bring you good luck in life.

In the bedroom consider having some plush velvet drapes and a large imposing bed with plush linen ware to cater to that sensual side of your nature.

On the outdoors front, the December 5 likes the unconstrained environment of wide broad based country settings. You are one who needs an environment in which to ride or walk for exercise, and with your particular qualities for strong physical resilience and stamina, you might well like to consider taking up the outdoor activity of rock climbing.

In the garden or yard you are likely to prefer a simple and spacious environment. To cater for your energetic needs consider stocking your garden or yard with equipment for game activities such as badminton, croquet, horseshoes or even an attractive rustic construction swing for example.

If a city dweller then jogging or visits to your local park or sporting facilities should suffice.

Your special numbers are 8 and 7. The fifth day of the twelfth month reduces to eight, and the number eight represents that of regularity, pulse, and change. The 340th day of the year reduces to seven, and the number seven provides a support to your life path with a sense of victory and the inspiration to incorporate plenty of pause for rest during your progress along your highway of life.