December 4 Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Sagittarius.

YOUR SYMBOL: The Centaur


YOUR RULERS –  Jupiter. 

December 4  Birthday interpretation.

Aspects associated with this December 4 Sagittarius birth date indicate that you are likely to have to face up to a number of quite eventful changes in your life.

Your adaptability in being able to face up to, and to deal with such changes as they occur will be the key to your progress in life. You will find that in the main, where you do deal with such events as they occur, then the results at the end of the day will ultimately tend to prove of benefit for you.

The December 4 is by nature, a happy-go-lucky, good-natured optimist. You are an extrovert both in the mental and physical sense, and one who likely to have a tendency for personal self-indulgence.

With a liking for luxury and a dislike for restraint or confinement, you can tend spend money quite freely with little consideration to staying within your budget. This same outlook can also apply in respect of your food and diet, so that you should take care to avoid any tendency to over indulge yourself on foods, and end up facing a weight problem.

As a December 4 Sagittarius, you are endowed with a massive capacity for sexuality, and this is often the main energy driving force within your relationships. Add to this an inherent powerful sense of passion, and you are one who is unlikely to allow anything to interfere, restrict, or provide obstacle in the way of your relationships.

While a happy-go-lucky character by nature, you are also inherent of a more serious truth seeking side to your personality. It is important for those born on this day to be able to establish a sense for balance between these two aspects of your make-up.

As a December 4, it is a strong likelihood that you have some area of interest in matters of a spiritual nature, and as result will have taken a look at, or perhaps even give study too, some arenas of philosophical and truth-seeking thought.

As example, you may have been attracted for while toward particular forms of religious doctrines or other non-mainstream beliefs, and although you hold full respect religions and the beliefs of others, you will, at the end of the day, tend to take your own independent trail of discovery in your quest to seek out your own concept of spiritual truth.

You are inherent of wisdom and with a desire to give help, will be of great help to others in helping them in helping them to open up their beliefs, attitudes, and outlooks to life. You are certainly one who wants to live life.

The life path associated with this December 4 birth date is one of gaining insight into the spiritual ancestry of humanity. This will necessitate that you seek to explore the heritage of our lasting symbols and typical recorded memories. The knowledge you gain will allow you to make your own mark on the face of collective unconsciousness.

Consider giving study to ancient cultural traditions. Visit some ancient sites and sense the emotional powers such sites generate.

The rich color shades of chartreuse yellow, bright green, light green, carmine red, deep royal purple, and dark green, resonate well with this December 4 birth date, and the mineral gemstone of “tiger-eye” will help to heighten your scope of outlook and vision.

On the home front, space in an all-important feature for the December 4, and even if for perhaps financial restrictions, it may appear sparse initially, take your time and you will achieve your desired effect for comfortable luxury in the end.

Deep colored fruitwoods such as walnut or cherry wood for example should appeal to you, as will the color of deep royal blue that might fit in with your desired color schemes.

Consider keeping a range of musky fragrances to indulge your self-indulgent pleasure seeking nature. You might like to burn them in the form of a incense oil about the home, or utilize them in your bathroom activities.

Your bedroom is a sensual center for you with a large imposing bed. If possible consider elevating the bed to enhance its importance. Velvet materials in deep rich colors should be especially pleasing to you.

A window through which you can look at the night stars while laying in bed would be good to help focus your mind, and if not, consider an impressive pictorial image of the universe mounted on your bedroom wall.

On the outdoors front, walking, hiking, cycling, tramping, or climbing could well be activities to satisfy both your energetic nature, and inherent desire for freedom from restriction.

Your garden or yard layout should also reflect that freedom from restriction desire and take the form of a simple and spacious area.

A lawn area with some small bordering flowerbeds, plus some small bushes or trees should be enough for you. You will like flowers, and tulips in particular could be a good flower for you.

A play area will be a necessity to burn of your energy, and this should include some form of outdoor physical activity such as a trampoline, garden swing or basketball hoop for example.

If you are a city dweller and without a garden or yard facilities, then take visits to your local park or sports center in order to engage in physical activities of your choice.

Your special numbers are 7 and 6. The fourth day of the twelfth month reduces to seven, and the number seven is symptomatic of victorious success, a sense of satisfaction, and a resulting peace. The 339th day of the year reduces to six, and the number six provides for the additional supporting elements of beauty and harmony to the factors of seven.