December 3 Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Sagittarius.

YOUR SYMBOL: The Centaur


YOUR RULERS –  Jupiter. 

December 3  Birthday interpretation.

A good natured optimist with a socially outgoing nature, the December 3 Sagittarius is a fun person to be involved with, and as result, is likely to have a wide circle of friends in their life.

By nature you like to reach out to others, and the modern day communication tools such as the Internet and social web sites form a perfect medium through which you can reach out to as many people as you like.

Influences arising from your ruling planets of Jupiter and Mars, endow you with an honest and forthright character, with result that you are one who will not afraid or reluctant to jump into any form of dispute, skirmish, or conflict when you deem it necessary.

Once you have identified a goal in life you will as a December 3, have the tendency to take action very swiftly, and once you have achieved such goal or objective, you will immediately want to move onto another new activity. You like to get things done as quickly as possible, and will detest becoming involved or embroiled in any matters or details that you deem of an non-essential nature.

As a December 3 birth date, you are one who needs ongoing goals in life to meet your sense for a need of purpose in life. There will be those times when you are at a loss as to where to direct your ambitions, with the result that you divert away from your mainstream ambitions in order to do something just for the sake of satisfying your own restlessness. The objective here is to learn to accept such periods of hiatus, and to run with them as rest periods in your life.

The December 3 birth date carries with it a strong sensual nature, and you are likely to be quite skilled in the art of flirting and seduction when it comes to your romantic relationships.

Qualities associated with this birth date indicate one who will be creatively inclined, and that the source for such creativity will tend to be generated from your emotional relationships.

Animals are likely to feature in your life, and as a December 3, your interests are likely to center more upon the larger creatures of the animal kingdom. You are certainly likely to favor one of the large breeds of dog as a home pet, and take great interest and pleasure in the grace, beauty and magnificence of animals such as elephants, lions, tigers etc.

The horse in particular holds an affinity with this birth date, and you are likely to hold a particular fascination with its grace and beauty whether you are just watching it, or have a greater connection in form being involved in horse riding as a hobby, sport or recreation.

The December 3 Sagittarius birth date identifies with a path in life of dealing with, and tidying up matters to achieve a finalized satisfactory conclusion before once again moving onward into new experiences.

The methodologies and manner in which you achieve such success can provide the inspiration and encouragement to others to face up to, and  to overcome, their own personal adversities, and set backs in life

The colors of bright yellow, medium green, light green, royal blue and dark purple resonate well with this birth date.

Semi-precious stones for those of this birth date are “quartz crystals” to help boost your clarity of vision, and “Amazonite” to help inspire your will power.

On the home front, the December 3 needs to live within a home environment that that provides for a sense of neat and tidy spaciousness.

You appreciate luxury and are likely to gain great pleasure from owning a limited selection quality things, over that of a more numerous collection non descript type home items.

You are likely to take great pleasure from furniture items made from the some of the more exotic woods such as walnut, mahogany, cherry wood, and oak for example.

Some pictures or images that depict scenes of large animals in their natural environment could appeal to your eye.

Lighting can form an attractive component to your visual senses so that you should consider having a number of lamps or lighting effects within your home. A dimmer light system could be perfect for you to allow you to tone your lighting according your moods and imaginations.

Consider having a golden-framed mirror positioned prominently within your main room – it will help to inspire your ambitions.

In the bedroom have some plush velvet drapes, and a large imposing bed with plush linen ware to cater to that sensual side of your nature.

On the out doors front, you will appreciate that freedom from constriction when traveling in wild, and rugged country, whether tree lined high country or wide open lowlands.

Among the outdoor activities that are likely to be of appeal to the December 3 are those of skiing, tramping, canoeing, horse trekking, and cross country horse riding.

In the garden or yard you are likely to prefer a simple and spacious environment. An area for energetic play and games is important for you in order to be able to spend some time burning of some excess energy. If a city dweller then jogging or where possible, the use of facilities at a local sports field or park should suffice.

Your special numbers are 6 and 5. The third day of the twelfth month reduces to six, and the number six identifies with that of balancing things up, of the equalizing or the harmonization of opposing forces or events. The 338th day of the year reduces to five, and the number five provides for a supporting understanding that things in this world are subject to a constant state of change. Whatever the events of today, whether good or bad, they must ultimately pass into history.