December 20 Birthday.


YOUR SIGN – Sagittarius.

YOUR SYMBOL: The Centaur


YOUR RULERS –  Jupiter, Sun. 

December 20  Birthday interpretation.

The December 20 Sagittarius birth date identifies with an almost unlimited enthusiasm and optimism for life.

With such an outgoing nature you will tend to have an inherent natural desire to bring people of various talents together in order to execute, and to successfully complete group projects in a harmonious manner.

While you are one who will have a great optimism for the future, you can also have a tendency to be excessively naïve at times. In this respect you can often fail to observe the signs and sensitivities in others, with the result that, you are not the most diplomatic of people, and will often find that you have inadvertently said something that is quite inappropriate at the time.

On the other hand, since others are likely to recognize that your intentions are genuine at the time, they will in the main tend to forgive, and overlook your verbal indiscretions.

In personal romantic relationships, the December 20 will tend to differ from the usual Sagittarian qualities in that you will have a preference to commit to long-term romantic relationships. In this arena of your life however, you should take some caution because due to that tendency for naivety, you may find that you will tend to fail to recognize the signs to indicate that the object of your romantic interest may not be right person for you.

While the long-term relationship is for you, it does not negate the fact that as a Sagittarian you will still need that sense for personal freedom.

This will necessitate that you seek out a love partner who values their independence, and personal freedom as much as you do. It will certainly require that both of you come to an understanding and acceptance that you are free to go out alone with your friends or to travel by yourself when that natural inherent urge to explore falls upon you.

With your enthusiastic, adventurous outlook, travel could well form an important part of your life. In addition, all types of equipment in the form of the latest time saving technological gadgetry should appeal to your nature, especially those for use in your travels. As example, computer type systems, electronic road maps, and cell phones etc.

December 20 can be image conscious and you will like to keep your body in good physical condition. This could involve you regular visits to a local gymnasium or health spar for example.

The colors of deep red, bright yellow, ginger, orange, green, rich blues and purple resonate well with this birth date. To help to inspire your optimism and enthusiasm when things do not appear to be going your way, consider wearing a dress piece such as a tie or head scarf bearing the colors of green and orange.

The minerals of “malachite” and “azurite” are gem stones that can help to steady up your mental processes, and a piece of “iron pyrite” carried about your person will enhance your perceptive senses when dealing with others.

On the home front you will prefer an uncluttered spaciousness atmosphere with quality furnishings and items that provide for a sense of luxury.

With your positive, enthusiastic, and outgoing outlook on life it is likely that you will enjoy an active social life. You are certainly the type of person who will enjoy home entertaining and inviting numerous around for a party or social gathering.

Oak is a good wood for you, and a substantial table made from oak around which you can seat your friends for conversation could be a good center space for you. Alternatively, a central counter, table or desk that would act like your command station would suffice.

To inspire your love for travel, you might like to consider having a large globe map of the world, or some inspirational pictures, painting or photographs of country or overseas scenes on your walls.

To inspire and invigorate your active mind, have various types of mentally stimulating games about your home, such as puzzles or electronic word games.

The burning of incense in your home it likely to appeal to your senses, and those woody scents such as sandalwood could be favorites for you.

The bedroom is your sensual and should be in a décor to suit your senses. A large impressive bed, some large plushy pillows and comforters, warm carpeting and rugs  some lush velvet window drapes, soft lighting, mirrors and perfumes should satisfy your senses.

On the out doors front, the December 20 will enjoy being in environments impressive natural outdoor scenery. From big wide-open spaces through to woodlands and forests, are all arenas in which to roam with a great sense for freedom.

Walking could be a favored activity for you, so that armed with your backpack and taking off for a hike over a wide-open country vista could prove to be a perfect way to settle your energies.

Your garden or yard will preferably need to provide for an open and spacey environment in order to satisfy you inherent desire for freedom from over confinement. A large lawn area with a limited number of scrubs or small trees is likely all that you will really need. If you have flower or vegetable beds then they are likely to be quite insignificant in space area when compared to your overall garden space.

You are not the keenest of gardeners and in the main, just mowing the lawn will is likely to be the most that you will really want to do in your garden. If you happen to have a large garden are or property then you will probably appreciate a substantial motorized lawn mower on which you are likely to find a certain form of peace of mind when actively cutting your grass.

To cater to your December 20 excess energy needs, some form of games, sporting, or exercise equipment should be a feature in your outdoors arena.

Your special numbers are 5 and 4. The twentieth day of the twelfth month reduces to five, and the number five identifies with that of mediation, organization, and change. The 355th day of the year reduces to four, and the number four contributes the additional qualities of being able to apply good reasoning, and that of be able to easily assess the overall important parameters of any matter.