December 2 Birthday.


YOUR SIGN – Sagittarius.

YOUR SYMBOL: The Centaur


YOUR RULERS –  Jupiter. 

December 2  Birthday interpretation.

Aspects associated with this December 2 Sagittarius birth date suggest that you have a great faith in the ability of the weak to not only stand up to powerful opposition, but to be capable of winning over such opposition.

A strong sense for justice and honor features in relation to this December 2 birth date, and you are one who will quite willingly step up in order to take up the defense of others in trouble.

You are more than prepared to stand up alone if necessary, even where that may involve you in the confrontation of uneven odds.

Your December 2 birth date identifies with one who will be optimistic, enthusiastic, and extremely socially outgoing by nature. As result you are likely to have close relationships with quite a number of your friends.

In you more personal romantic relationships, you can, as a December 2 birth date, be quite sensual and flirtatious. In particular, you can become strongly attracted toward towards a love objective that may be in need of help.

Within such a situation you are likely to be at your best as an extremely passionate and caring person who will tend to draw them in under your protection. Alternatively, you can have a tendency to move on in search of another such needy target once you have perceived work as done.

A particular gift inherent in your birth date is a prophetic quality that appears to enable you to be able to see the seeming coincidences and intimate connections between people and events. This is a quality that allows you an insight of vision that extends beyond the boundaries of the current day events.

As a December 2 Sagittarius, you are very open-minded individual who is free of prejudices, and one who will find it irritating where other people display any narrow pettiness in their orientation.

You carry wisdom and the desire to help, and in this respect you can be of assistance to others in helping them to broaden their opinions, attitudes, and outlooks to life.

You are certainly one who wants to live life, and the motto of “Live and let live” will certainly apply to you.

By nature, the December 2 will enjoy large and spectacular events, and in particular, those of an international flavor that involved the bringing together of people from around the world into an environment of peaceful enjoyment and cooperation. The Olympic games for example meets such criteria as well as your love for sport and athletics. Other examples for you include concerts, music festivals and even the circus.

The aspect of travel features in relation to this birth date, and it is likely that you will derive great joy from traveling whether locally, or internationally. In fact, there is a strong potential that you might have entered into some form of work, career or vocation connected with the travel industry.

Born on this December 2 birth date, you have a path in life of striving to achieve your highest ideals, and in doing so, to act, as forerunner to the next step of what is possible for humanity. This is a path that might be described as a scout or guide who travels ahead of a group to review a new trail before reporting back.

Yours is a mission in life of undergoing a personal transformation, and of endeavoring to express the next evolutionary change in humanity’s development on behalf of the race. You are gifted with the power to succeed in life.

The colors of ivory, cream, taffy- brown, orange, and red wine are colors that resonate well with this birth date.

To heighten and inspire your aspirations and your sense for courage, consider acquiring some “malachite” or translucent “aventurine” mineral gemstones.

On the home front, the December 2 will enjoy an atmosphere for space and luxury.

You will certainly favor quality over quantity in respect of your in-home possessions, and are likely to take great pleasure in furniture pieces manufactured from the more exotic woods such as walnut, cherry wood, and oak for example.

As a December 2 you have an open minded experimental outlook when it comes to your artistic senses, with result that you could well adopt some unusual color schemes and/or designs within your home.

You do like change within your environment and this could take the form of making regular changes of room layout by the repositioning furnishings, and/or quite frequently deciding to redecorate and repaint rooms. If you enjoy decorating then you might like to consider expressing your personal artistic creational ability in the form of your own painted mural, on the wall of one or more of your rooms.

The kitchen is likely to be a gathering place within your home, so consider having a substantial sized circular table to enhance that feeling for intimacy among both your family and close friends.

December 2 is a sensual individual so that the bedroom should be furnished and fitted out to cater for that quality. Consider incorporating some luxurious velvet drapes of a deep wine red or a violet color. Have a substantial and imposing bed together with bed linen ware in keeping with your overall favorite color tones, plus some attractive designed mirror units to enhance your lighting effects.

On the out doors front, with your inherent dislike for any forms of confinement, the wild open and rugged country will be the place in which you can expel your natural energies, and derive that atmosphere sense of freedom.

If you are a city dweller, then try to take the time to get out into the countryside, and if not possible, consider taking some long walks in your local park.

A garden or yard for the December 2 will need to provide a sense of spaciousness. A simple lay out in the form of an open central area such as a lawn with small flower boarders, plus an area for barbeque equipment or some other form of outdoor fire unit for cooking and entertaining should suffice.

A play or games area will be an important aspect for you to burn of your physical energy. This might include some games equipment such as a trampoline, basketball ring, or volleyball net for example.

Your special numbers are 5 and 4. The second day of the twelfth month reduces to five, and the number five represents that of change, and adaptability. The 337th day of the year reduces to four, and the number four provides a supporting ability to be able to evaluate the lay of land by way of survey and psychological understanding.