December 19 Birthday.


YOUR SIGN – Sagittarius.

YOUR SYMBOL: The Centaur


YOUR RULERS –  Jupiter, Sun. 

December 19  Birthday interpretation.

This December 19 birth date holds a strong association with the element of “power”, and in this respect, power is likely to be a factor of great attraction and importance in your life.

You are by nature a very bold, forthright, and straightforward type of individual, and one who will not refrain from, or be afraid to speak out to voice your thoughts and opinions irrespective of whether or not, you are likely to shock or to offend any of the people around you.

Qualities associated with this December 19 Sagittarius birth date indicate that you are one who has every likelihood off being very successful, and of achieving great things in your vocation arena and career.

What is important for you to remember however, is to give the time and due consideration to those of your family and loved ones in life, and not to only concentrate purely upon your work and career.

In order for you to achieve your dreams and ambitions in life, you will need to have not only the ideas, but also learn to cultivate the mental focus necessary in order to carry your ideas through to successful conclusions.

December 19 is by nature more of a “broad brush” type individual who needs to get to the point or center of matters without having to deal two much with detail. You are a busy and active person who is constantly involved in things. You are one who will certainly not want to waste your time and energies dealing with petty, and unimportant details.

As a December 19 however, what you may fail to notice is that many things that in your mind are of a small and insignificant nature, can in the eyes of others, form very important issues that to them will constitute a major focus for their own creative efforts.

You are by nature well skilled in the arts of innovation, and have the ability to be able to generate inspiration in others. You could well discover a great personal satisfaction from being involved in helping others to develop their talents and potentials.

As a December 19 you have that inherent ability to see far-reaching possibilities, and in doing so, you are able to quantify and solidify the potentials from such possibilities.

Where you must take care however, is that you can have that tendency to be somewhat overbearing, so that you may need to learn to be a little more compassionate, and be prepared to be more receptive to the views and opinions of others.

With your skills for communication, and your enthusiastic, adventurous outlook to life, you are likely to enjoy travel. Any form of the latest time saving technological gadgetry should appeal to your nature. As example, computer type systems, electronic road maps, and cell phones etc.

On the more personal front, you are inherent of the sensual qualities associated with the sign of Sagittarius, and therefore quite skilled in the arts of flirtation and seduction when it comes to your love related relationships. You will certainly have that ability to convince the object of your love that they are the most wonderful experience in your life.

As a Sagittarian born on this December 19 birth date, you have a path in life of giving beautiful form to the growth of natural forces. This is a path that demands that you endeavor and strive to make to make the world around you into a better place both for yourself and others, and to look to all and any avenues of potential in order to do so.

As example, this could take the form of simply creating a wonderful and beautiful garden experience, or the giving of your time to the improvement of life for others.

The colors of yellow, dark yellowish brown i.e., tawny color, tangerine, orange, and royal blue resonate well with this birth date. When seeking inspiration for that new idea or business solution, consider wearing a touch of yellow in your clothing attire.

When considering minerals that relate well to your birth date, a “garnet” or “ruby” gemstone worn as a ring on your finger can help to enhance your career possibilities, and a “yellow zircon” or “emerald” will enhance your connection to nature.

As a December 19 birth date you will appreciate a sense for spaciousness within your home. You will enjoy quality items of a luxurious nature among your home possession.

You will enjoy communication with others and will love nothing more than holding social conversations or serious discussions with your friends, acquaintances, and visitors.

Your home should provide for a comfortable area in which to be able to conduct such gatherings. This could constitute a round table in the kitchen, or a corner of the living room with bookshelves, some comfortable chairs positioned around a low coffee table. Alternatively, a place outdoors could also provide for a good conversational setting when weather permits.

The Sagittarian carries somewhat of a “Peter Pan Syndrome about them in that they really do not want to grow up. In this respect, a games room cum family play area is likely to be an important feature for you.

December 19 will appreciate the visual effects of color so that you should adorn your walls with paintings or pictures that hold an instant appeal to your senses. Pictures of large impressive animals are likely to appeal to you.

The bedroom forms a sensual center for the Sagittarian and it should be appointed to satisfy your sensual senses. A large impressive bed, some large floppy pillows and comforters, warm carpeting or rugs, quality lush velvet window drapes, plus soft lighting, mirrors and perfumes should satisfy your senses.

Burning incense might add a mystical touch to your home atmosphere, and those woody scents such as sandalwood could be favorites for you.

Outdoors, the December 19 will appreciate the wild panorama of impressive outdoor scenery. Canyons, mountain skylines, forests and wide-open rangelands will all appeal to your eye and senses.

December 19 like large trees for the magnificence of their majesty, antiquity, and beauty. Great redwood or oak trees for example will inspire your imaginations to consider, and think upon those more ancient times in history.

With your inherent dislike for any form of over confinement, you garden or yard should provide for a spacey environment. This could take the form of a large lawn area with a limited number of scrubs or small trees. Your flowerbeds, if you have them are likely to take up a small area, and certainly be designed for the minimum of maintenance.

Some form of games, sporting, or exercise equipment should be a feature in your garden or yard as a medium to burn of your excess energies.

Your special numbers are 4 and 3. The nineteenth day of the twelfth month reduces to four, and the number four identifies with that of measurement, planning, and order. The 354th day of the year reduces to three, and the number three provides for a natural acceptance with growth and development. As an example, we plant seeds in order to be rewarded by beautiful blooms that we can see and appreciate.