December 18 Birthday.


YOUR SIGN – Sagittarius.

YOUR SYMBOL: The Centaur


YOUR RULERS –  Jupiter, Sun. 

December 18  Birthday interpretation.

While in general you are a socially outgoing individual, the December 18 Sagittarius birth date is also endowed with very strong protective and creative qualities. In addition, not only will you hold a great respect for justice, you will also tend to act under a sense of your own morality, and a code of conduct that in your eyes, will seem to be both just and fair.

This outlook to life might be portrayed in the manner of one who deems them self of honorable noble birth with a mission in life of forever fighting for, and dispensing of justice and wisdom where needed.

You are one who is constantly giving your self-missions and quests to perform, and while you are one who does not like being doubted, your self-righteousness will be subject to challenged, irrespective of however just and noble you feel.

An important aspect associated with this birthday is that in time it will confer upon you an impartiality of vision, and an all-embracing understanding of life. Having said that however, these are qualities that are likely to take time, and involve obstacles to be overcome, before you ultimately attain them.

As a December 18 birth date you are well equipped enough in strength of mind to be able to support your idealism, however you will need to learn how overcome your boredom with the more mundane events of everyday life.

As a December 18 birth date, matters of an emotional and relationship nature are likely to be of far more importance to your sense of comfort, security, and contentment in life, than that of matters involving your working environment.

In your personal relationship you are inherent of the sensual qualities associated with the sign of Sagittarius, and therefore quite apt in the arts of flirtation and seduction. You will certainly have that ability to convince the object of your love that they are the most wonderful experience in your life.

Qualities associated with this birth date indicate that you inherent of highly developed skills for communication, and no matter whatever your age, you are one who is likely to hold an enthusiastic interest in the passing on of your knowledge and values to others. You will be always prepared to provide a helping hand to anyone that you feel is worthy of your help.

With your communication skills, together with your enthusiastic and adventurous outlook, travel is likely to be a feature in your life. The latest in technological gadgets will appeal to your nature whether for communication purposes or other forms of travel related assistance such as an on board computerized road map system in you vehicle.

As a Sagittarian, you are likely to dislike too much in the way of over confinement, and will extend into your clothing selection. Casual, flexible, but tidy attire will be ideal for you so that even when you are not traveling, you can be prepared for just about any occasion.

The December 18 birth date provides for a path in life of coming to terms with and overcoming, the wildness in both your self and in nature, in order to build upon the principles of natural development.

This concept desires that you learn to balance up the apparent opposites of technology and nature as exampled in the manner of an architect who designs a building that will harmonize within a natural rural environment.

The colors of rose red (a deep slightly bluish red), reddish orange, and copper resonate well with this birth date.

The “amethyst” is a gemstone that can help to enhance your communication abilities, so why not wear one set within a finger ring? The minerals of “fire opal” and “topaz” can help to keep your senses tuned to nature.

The home of the December 18 should provide for an atmosphere of spaciousness and freedom for movement. You will favor a lesser number of quality things in your home over that of quantity that could result in an over cluttered effect.

Some rugs or carpets with bold geometric designs and symbols could well stimulate and inspire your fertile imagination.

Items from your travels should form feature pieces in your home, and tribal artifacts such as African or Asian art could be of particular appeal for you.

December 18 is by nature an emotionally charged individual so you should consider incorporating some features within your home that can provide some influence for security and stability. This can be achieved by having some form of water content around you. A fish tank with some plants and brightly colored fish could suffice.

In the bedroom is the sensual center for the Sagittarius, and your bed should form an impressive feature that environment. Some large floppy pillows and comforters,  warm carpeting or rugs, quality lush velvet window drapes, soft lighting, mirrors and perfumes should satisfy your senses.

To enhance your protective and creative qualities consider keeping a silver framed mirror in the western corner of your bedroom.

On the out doors front, the December 18 would enjoy ranch lands or forest, both being places with plenty of space in which they can roam. As example, a desert environment may be something that will attract your attention for a while, but then you might prefer a complete change and to get up into the mountains.

You are unlikely to be the keenest of gardeners so that your garden or yard area could take the form of just a simple lawn surrounded by trees or large scrubs that provides for plenty of room for physical activities. Physical exercise is important to you.

Consider having a number a number of richly painted water urns positioned around your home, they should help to make you feel more balanced and at ease.

Your special numbers are 3 and 2. The eighteenth day of the twelfth month reduces to three, and the number three identifies with that of growth, development and creative expression. The 353rd day of the year reduces to two, and the number two adds the qualities of reflection, consideration and approachability to this path.