December 16 Birthday.


YOUR SIGN – Sagittarius.

YOUR SYMBOL: The Centaur


YOUR RULERS –  Jupiter, Sun. 

December 16  Birthday interpretation.

A great enthusiasm for life is a major quality associated with this December 16 Sagittarius birth date, and in this respect, your enthusiastic and optimistic outlook can be an extremely infectious aspect of your personality when dealing with others.

You have the inherent ability to inspire, guide and direct others, and with that additional Sagittarian quality for justice, the talents and skills to make for an excellent manager of others. The justice and self control elements identified with this birth date also tend to indicate that you are the type of individual who would be suitable to take on a position of considerable authority.

The arts, music and the academic arena of research are particular avenues through which the December 16 might find outlet through which to develop, and express themselves.

As a December 16 birth date, life can often appear to be somewhat of an ongoing mystery to you in that although you do endeavor to pre-plan things in your life, something always seems to pop to interfere with them. Fortunately, for you as a December 16 birth date, there are additional influences that will ensure that most interferences or perceived setbacks to your plans are likely to prove of a beneficial and satisfactory nature.

The qualities of faith and idealism identify with this birth date, and in this respect, you are likely to hold quite firm spiritual beliefs that will form not only a strong base, but will also be great source of inspiration in your life. Such beliefs will provide you with the strength to face adversity, and the creative insights and talents that will enable you to accomplish your goals.

You are one who needs to be in the company of others who are of similar belief to yourself, and if such groups comprise of people who have overcome separatist theological doctrines, then you will find yourself in the midst of your perfect “soul mates.”

No matter your age, you are likely to have a keen interest in the passing on of your knowledge and values to others, and in this respect, you will be always interested in helping those whom you deem worthy to develop and advance in life.

As a December 16 you are inherent of the flirtatious and seductive qualities associated with the sign of Sagittarius. You have that ability to always provide that someone special in your life with the feeling that they are the center of your universe.

With your enthusiastic and adventurous outlook to life travel is likely to form an important aspect of your lifestyle. Aspects associated with this birth date indicate in the main a relatively safe passage or result for all forms of travel.

The December 16 identifies with a life path of dedication to an ideal. This concept necessitates that you draw upon your inherent hidden willingness to face up to the utmost of adversity where necessary in support of a dedicated cause and, in your doing so, nothing short of total perfection will be acceptable to you. Give consideration to volunteering in support of a cause or organization for which you feel passionate about.

The colors of azure (sky blue), yellow, very dark blue, and violet resonate well with this December 16 birth date, and the minerals of “sapphire” and “sodalite” are gemstones that can help to inspire your strength of mind and personal courage.

On the home front, your December 16 Sagittarian need for freedom from confinement is likely to be reflected in a home environment that provides for an uncluttered atmosphere. You are not frugal by nature however, and will like luxury and the good things in life. Your home possessions therefore are likely to reflect quality rather than quantity.

Velvet and suede are materials that are likely to appeal to you, so why not consider incorporating them within your furnishing décor.

Religious images can be of intrigue for the December 16, and these might take the form of a statue or picture of one of the Indian religions such at that of “Ganesh” the elephant god.

The Sagittarian carries somewhat of a “Peter Pan Syndrome about them in that they really do not want to grow up. In this respect, a games room cum family play area is likely to be an important feature for you.

This might include play equipment such as table tennis for example and/or physical exercise equipment such as weights, or a walking machine for example. In keeping with that “Peter Pan” outlook, a miniature electric train set or a collection of dolls would not be out of keeping for those of this birth date.

The oak wood represents strength and authority within the forest, so you might like to consider buying a “bonsai” oak tree to keep in your home to take benefit from its beneficial influence of strength and authority.

In the bedroom, aim for a large impressive bed elevated above floor level if possible. The bedroom is the sensual center for the Sagittarian and should be appointed to satisfy your sensual senses. Some large floppy pillows and comforters, warm carpeting or rugs, quality lush velvet window drapes, plus soft lighting, mirrors and perfumes should satisfy your senses.

On the outdoors front, the December 16 likes the wild panorama of impressive outdoor scenery. Canyons, mountain skylines and wide-open rangelands will all appeal to your eye and senses.

You could have a particular affinity with horses, riding and stables, so that literally riding the range or traversing the wild country on horseback could be your particular outdoor past time.

While you may not be the keenest of gardeners, you are likely to appreciate the beauty of the colors of nature’s flowers, trees, and scrubs. A wide spread of flowers and their floral colors throughout your garden should appeal to your eye. Flowers for December 16 are jasmine and iris.

A hedge that provides for a screened off area, or perhaps a maze type effect, could be a good place to sit with in while gathering your thoughts.

Your special numbers are 10 and 9. The sixteenth day of the twelfth month reduces to ten, and the number tens identifies with that of mastery, power, completion and the promise of yet another new beginning. The 351st day of the year reduces to nine, and the number nine provides you with the support of an inherent sense of understanding and belief that you will be able to attain your given objectives.