December 15 Birthday.


YOUR SIGN – Sagittarius.

YOUR SYMBOL: The Centaur


YOUR RULERS –  Jupiter, Sun. 

December 15  Birthday interpretation.

This December 15 Sagittarius birth date is associated with the type of person who will be not only a “risk taker” by nature, but also one who has the capability for taking risk in a controlled and disciplined manner.

The December 15 is the explorer, the pioneer, and one who is not afraid to go out in order to take on the challenges of life. You have an inherent fearless desire to experience the excitement, and the resulting personal rush of adrenaline, that can be experienced from such activities.

This is an outlook applicable to most arenas in your life, including that of your working and leisure involvements. As example, a career within what might be considered by others to be a dangerous activity such as an oil-rig engineer, or work in a prison environment, and daring leisure activities such as parachute jumping, hang gliding, or rock climbing etc.

This adventurous thrill-seeking tendency will generally extend into your romantic involvements, and while you will be totally ardent, seductive, and committed to achieving a conquest of your love objective in the short term, you are likely to find it difficult to maintain your commitment to a relationship for the long term. As a wild type of individual yourself, you need a like natured person to spur on along side you. A partner of the Aries birth date might well fit the bill.

While sensible and as disciplined of mind as you are, you can have a tendency for an emotional sensitivity. While this can prove of great benefit in your personal relationships, it can also eventuate in the manner that you are one, who is not only likely to feel emotional loss quite deeply, but also be susceptible to quite severe bouts of depression when thing do not go as you planned or expected.

Life throws up all manner of difficult emotional choices, and particularly so as we age, and our relationships mature and we become more committed. As a December 15 you are in the main no different from others in this respect, with the exception that you are certainly one who will find it more difficult than most, to being able to arrive at decisions when such situations arise in life.

Qualities associated with this December 15 birth date indicated that you likely to be quite good dealing with tasks of a practical nature. This could indicate suitability for a career or vocation activity in an arena requiring technical skills such as engineering and IT technologies, or alternatively with your fearless outlook to life, as a life coach or trainer involved in rehabilitation programs for at risk children or even prisoners.

Faith and religion are further qualities associated with this December 15 birth date. You interest in such arena is likely to be generalized as exampled by one with an open mind rather than as a person committed to one form of religious doctrine. This could lead you to show interest in, and take a look at, a variation of beliefs and practices such as astrology and the tarot for example.

December 15 is a birth date that provides for a life path of exploration and discovery. This will necessitate that you try out new skills, and in experimenting with attitudes, matters of thought and new ideas humanity has not yet developed.

The colors of aquamarine (bluish green), china blue, deep blue, forest green and dark red resonate well with this birth date.

The minerals of quartz crystal, amethyst, celestite, and turquoise relate well with this birth date. A piece of clear “quartz crystal” by your bedside should inspire you sense for clarity of thought: a small piece of “amethyst” in a jewellery piece can encourage your sense for comfort; and “turquoise or “celestite” will inspire your sense for exploration and discovery.

On the home front, The December 15 will appreciate an unrestricted spacey atmosphere with in their home. As example, large rooms with interconnecting doors that you can keep open could well provide you with a sense of space and its possibilities.

With your adventurous nature, you could have a tendency to re-arranging your furniture a regular basis, and where you do, consider buying furniture pieces that are easily moveable around the room.

December 15 will like quality and this is an element that should be maintained throughout your home. Fine woods for furnishings and lush quality drapes and carpeting. Velvet is a material that should appeal to your nature.

An Oriental carpet in deep reds and blues with a center medallion will be very focusing for December 15, and you might even like sitting in its center at times in order to meditate or just to daydream.

Give consideration that sensual side of your nature when setting out your bedroom. Quality perfumes or scents, an impressive bed and lush warm linen wares and drapes will help to support your strong seductive sensual senses.

On the out doors front, you will be at home in rugged and somewhat dangerous outdoor environments. Places where you can engage in thrill seeking activities that give you the necessary adrenaline rush.

Winter sports, skydiving, water sports are some of the activities for those of this birth date.

In your garden layout can be quite space and certainly one that requires the minimum of maintenance while you are off doing more active things. Your are however, likely to appreciate having items of an unusual nature in the garden such as, some quirky statuettes or garden ornaments that catch the eye.

Shrubs and trees can be of particular appeal to you eye and senses and in this respect some appropriately positions scrubs and a pine tree somewhere in the garden can provide a setting in which you can sit and ponder on your future plans.

Your special numbers are 9 and 8. The fifteenth day of the twelfth month reduces to nine, and the number nine represents that of the achievement, and the completion of a cycle. The 350th day of the year reduces to eight, and the number eight provides a supporting natural sense of pace to your explorative undertakings together with a feeling of comfort and acceptance of variety and variations in your life.