December 14 Birthday.



YOUR SIGN – Sagittarius.

YOUR SYMBOL: The Centaur


YOUR RULERS –  Jupiter, Sun. 

December 14  Birthday interpretation.

December 14 is a birth date associated with an individual of a freedom loving nature, an adventurer with a pioneering spirit, and one who will be forever seeking to expand upon, and to take advantage of the possibilities that life presents.

A challenge for you is to ensure that you establish a firm foundation before charging off on a goal or objective, and that you ensure to dot the “i’s” and cross the “t’s” in order to soundly secure each step of your progress along the way.

December 14 is well connected to the qualities of intellect, and that of the logical, rational and analytical thought processes of the mind. These are qualities that could well indicate a career within the academic field.

Inspirational thought and wisdom are qualities associated with this day, and in this respect you should take notice of your gut-feelings, instincts, and premonitions. Where you take belief in them, and follow up on them, you might be quite surprised at the resultant influences upon your life.

The fact that you are the type of person, who is of an objective, and potentially intellectual nature, does not indicate that you show no interest in matters of a more spiritual nature.

As a December 14 birth date, you have strong mental talents and there is every possibility that you will hold some form of strong religious beliefs, and where you do, you will be the type pf person who will apply your beliefs in a practical manner in your daily existence. You have an interest in mental and spiritual conquests with result that, you are one who will aim high and be at your happiest when in pursuit of your ideals.

Personal historical family background and lineage is an important factor in life for you. The talents, struggles, and strengths of your ancestors can constitute a basis from which you can, not only establish a grounding of your own identity, but also draw upon for your own inspirational objectives and adventures in life.

It might well prove of benefit to you, if you were to give the time to research in studying your personal family tree,  its origins, and in particular the land or culture from which your ancestors originated.

By nature, the December 14 is a friendly and outgoing individual who will be more than willing to give help to those whom they appreciate and value. Having said that however, you do have an inherent capability to not easily overlook a betrayal by someone, with result you could well carry a grudge toward them for some time.

In your personal relationships,  you will, once you have settled upon an objective for your love desires, harness all of your flirtatious, seductive and persuasive talents and energies in order to achieve a conquest. As a Sagittarian however, you are inherent of a natural restlessness and desire for freedom from forms of confinement, and this might result in your desires tending to wane over time, and you find yourself looking to new paths for romantic, sensual satisfaction.

The life path of this December 14 birth date provides for a finely tuned appreciation and understanding of the signs, signals and messages that you receive from your environmental surroundings. This is a quality that provides you with an inherent ability to identify with, and to sense, an understanding of matters related to the creatures and animals in the world of Mother Nature. Give some time to wandering in a rural environment, in order to gain a sense of communication with nature.

The colors of turquoise, light green, dark green and the creamy sea foam color effect, resonate well with this birth date.

The mineral of “turquoise” is gemstone that can help you to firm up your energies and emotions, and the “amethyst” a stone to help you negate negativities of thought.

On the home front, the December 14 will appreciate an unrestricted spacey atmosphere, with plenty space a-plenty for social activities.

You could have a tendency to want to re-arrange your home furnishings on a regular basis, and where you do, you might like to consider having furniture that you can move easily around your rooms.

December 14 will appreciate quality and luxury within their home such as fine woods and lush quality carpeting and drapes. Rich colored velvet is a material that should appeal to your nature.

Some wind chimes can help to enhance in you a more positive outlook toward others, and a horseshoe mounted on or above your front door to attract good luck.

You could well have an interest in collecting statues or images of horses in mythology. Prints of Pegasus and ancient horse and chariot races might well help to inspire your freedom-loving nature.

The bedroom should reflect the strong sensual side of your personality. Consider having a large impressive bed with luxurious linen ware, some warm sensual carpeting and rugs, and some lush rich color velvet window drapes. Include some fine scents or perfumes to set your seductive bedroom atmosphere.

On the outdoors front, the December 14 like an outdoor environment that will satisfy both their energy and desire for freedom needs.

December 14 is a sporting type of individual who will enjoy activities such as running, hiking, cycling, tramping, or climbing for example.

Gardening is not likely to be your forte, and you will much prefer to be off and away to somewhere more exotic. Having said that however, where you do have a garden or yard it is likely to feature items such as statuettes or garden ornaments of an unusual or quirky nature.

Unusual shaped flowerbeds and easy care scrub or small tree plantings are for you, and when considering flowers, you are likely to favor those of the more brilliant and larger bloom varieties.

With your inherent affinity with nature, a pet or pets are likely additions to your family. A dog kennel would not be an unusual feature in your garden or yard.

To satisfy your energy output needs, you might like to consider having some form of outdoors games activity equipment such as a swing, seesaw or basketball hoop for example.

Your special numbers are 8 and 7. The fourteenth day of the twelfth month reduces to eight, and the number eight represents that of rhythm, and the to and throw movement flow of the cycles of life. The 349th day of the year reduces to seven, and the number seven provides for an inherent sense of assurance for victory in respect of anything you set out to achieve in life.