December 13 Birthday.


YOUR SIGN – Sagittarius.

YOUR SYMBOL: The Centaur


YOUR RULERS –  Jupiter, Sun. 

December 13  Birthday interpretation.

The December 13 Sagittarius birth date identifies with one who is likely to have certain militaristic tendencies, and in one respect, it would have to be a rather brave or potentially foolish individual who decided to pick an argument or dispute with you, unless they were absolutely sure of their facts.

As a December 13 birth date you hold the potential to being able to utilize in tandem those valuable human qualities for foresight and practicality.

In keeping aspects associated with this Sagittarius sign, you are by nature a very optimistic and idealistic person. You are one who will have great hopes and expectations for your future, and will certainly be prepared to contribute your fair share of work and effort into any of your life activities

An additional quality arising out of this particular December 13 birth date, is an inherent sense for down-to-earth practicality. This indicates that you are one who will apply sound thinking to your finances, knowing how to both save as well as to spend, and one who will give strong consideration toward logical pre-planning for the future.

In your working environment, you are a hard-working, industrious and conscientious worker, and one who, through your inner sense for balance, is capable of successfully managing more than one career or work activity at a time.

As a December 13 Sagittarius you are certainly not one who will desire to live in an austere or frugal lifestyle. You will utilize your ambitious drive and aggressive energies within your working environment in order to achieve the highest possible living standards for yourself and your family.

For you, any achievements and successes in life will most certainly arise as result of your commitment and dedication to your work or career, as apposed to you enjoying any impromptu or unexpected lucky events.

Aspects associated with this December 13 day do however indicate that you will be successful in achieving satisfactory material goals in your life.

Life offers a broad spectrum of high to low values and experiences, and in this respect those of this December 13 birth date will be receptive to the tasting of the fruits at all levels.

As example, at one extreme you can hold a great interest and awareness in things of a spiritual and philosophical nature, including traditional religion and/or the investigation of subjects such as astrology, the tarot, or the runes.  At the lower end of the scale you can be susceptible to your Sagittarian quality for unrestricted sensual indulgence.

Aspects associated with this day provide for a broad spectrum of choices and swings of temperament. The qualities of emotion and passion hold strong connections to this day, and particularly so were related to your personal relationships.

You are empowered with sound qualities for seduction and have that ability to always give that someone special in your life the feeling that they are the center of your universe. A potential danger for you can be an inherent dislike for over confinement resulting in your tiring of a relationship, perhaps to the extent of seeking a greener field.

No matter whatever your age, you are likely to have a keen interest in the passing on of your knowledge and values to others. You will be always interested in helping others whom you feel are worthy to develop and advance in life. This is the path of the teacher and a day that that holds association with the tools of learning.

On the physical exercise front, you have a discipline of mind that can be well applied to physical activities that involve the more warrior type elements such as the martial arts or sword fencing.

The December 13 birth date identifies with a life path of entering into and crossing new fields of experiences. This is an ongoing process of constantly facing up to new changes that life throws up, overcoming them, and again confidently moving on into other new challenges

This is the role of the pioneer and explorer, and one that that requires a particular outlook, attitude, and way of thinking. This will necessitate that you must remain mindful of your experiences and be prepared and willing to make adjustments to your beliefs and actions in order to succeed and prosper in new conditions. Knowingly accepting the conditions of each new way of being requires that you be receptive to new and changing openings and opportunities in life.

The colors of turquoise, deep blue, and the bright green color known as malachite green resonate well with this birth date.

The gemstones of “kunzite” a pink to lilac colored gemstone, and that of the “Black opal” are a mineral that can help you to keep an open and receptive mind to future potentials and possibilities.

On the home front, your Sagittarian need for freedom from confinement is likely to reflect in a home environment that projects an uncluttered atmosphere, but not of a frugal nature.

Sagittarius likes luxury and the good things in life so that your furniture and in-home items are likely to favor quality over quantity.

In the main, you are one who will prefer a home environment that requires as low-maintenance as possible. However, a games room cum family play area is likely to be an important feature for you, being a place in which you can undertake activities in keeping with your full-on energetic robust nature. Physical exercise equipment such as weights, stationery bicycle, walking machine etc, could well reside in your games room. .

Velvet is a material that is likely to appeal to your eye and sense for luxury, and this might be incorporated within your home through some rich colored velvet drapes.

Consider setting out your bedroom to cater to that strong sensual sense associated with this Sagittarian date. A large impressive bed that if possible, should be elevated above the floor level, warm sensual carpeting, and some quality lush (velvet?) window drapes. Some soft lighting, some fine perfumes and scents and some attractive light reflective ornaments and/or mirror pieces should help provide a setting to match your senses.

Outdoors, the December 13 likes wide-open range type spaces to traverse whether by walking, horse riding or any other form of outdoor activity. Trees are a particular attraction for you and those of the “birch” and “beech” variety can be of particular appeal to your eye.

Your garden or yard should be of a low maintenance nature, featuring some small scrubs and small some easy care flower or vegetable beds. A hedge system that provides for a screened off area, or perhaps a maze type effect, could be a good place to sit with in while gathering your thoughts.

Where you don’t have indoor exercise equipment then consider having some outside such as a trampoline, garden swing or basketball hoop for example

Your special numbers are 7 and 6. The thirteenth day of the twelfth month reduces to seven, and the number seven identifies with that of success, victory and of keeping your word on undertakings given. The 348th day of the year reduces to six, and the number six contributes the influence of balance and the harmonizing of activities.