December 12 Birthday.


YOUR SIGN – Sagittarius.

YOUR SYMBOL: The Centaur


YOUR RULERS –  Jupiter, Mars. 

December 12  Birthday interpretation.

The December 12 Sagittarius birth date identifies with an individual who will be “happy-go-lucky” by nature, and a good-natured, socially outgoing optimist.

You have an enthusiasm for life that is both contagious and of inspiration to others around you, together with a profound ability to being able to institute positive changes for the benefit of others.

As a December 12, you are by nature the type of person who can attract the willing support of others to your causes through your inherent ability of being openly friendly, extremely generous, and showing a keen interest in the giving of advice and support to others.

You are likely to be one who will adhere to a high set of personal beliefs, values and principles during your life, and as result, you can be more than willing where you deem necessary, to sacrifice your own personal desires or needs for the purpose of furthering some particular cause in your life for which you hold a deep conviction and belief.

Qualities associated with this day indicate a life pattern that will involve many interruptions, setbacks and hurdles in life before you finally achieve the satisfactory, successful results you desire.

A potential mistake for you can be that of concentrating to much upon the end result of a goal or ambition, and failing to give due attention the detail necessary in the overcoming and satisfactory achievement of each of the steps necessary in order to arrive at the successful conclusion of your goal. You will find yourself far more successful in your ambitions where you take your time to attend to, and overcome each individual stage of progress toward final success.

In your working environment, you will be recognized by others as one who will apply commitment, loyalty and enthusiasm while at the same time, providing a sense for inspiration and unity among those with whom you work. Having that commitment to work and your friends however, should not overrule the fact that it is important for you that you do things in your life that are essentially for your own pleasure.

On the relationship front, the December 12 has inherent flirtation and seductive qualities however; you also have a strong quality for a restlessness within that can have the potential to extend into your relationships. This might result in you finding yourself moving from relationship to relationship because you experience some difficulty in achieving a sense of complete satisfaction from one life long partnership.

Aspects associated with this December 12 birth date indicate that you are likely to have a weakness when it comes to foods, and in particular foodstuffs of a sweet nature. You should give consideration to any potential for any excessive over indulgence in such sweet tooth offerings.

The December 12 birth date identifies with a life path of balancing up those often-conflicting situations that occur in life. This is a configuration that can at times result in you experiencing the feeling that you are one who is isolated and alone from the crowd around you.

You have the inherent ability to be able to see beauty where others are unable to do so, with result that you are capable of capitalizing upon on your very sense of difference in order to be able to contribute something that is completely different to the equation under consideration. In other words, your difference in outlook to a subject or situation constitutes a valuable personal personality asset.

The colors of gold, bright green, pale green royal blue, and plum red resonate well with this December 12 birth date, and the minerals of “topaz” and “fluorite” are gem stones that can help you to balance up and concentrate on your active mental thoughts.

On the home front, the December 12 should aim for the largest home space that you can afford. Space is an important feature for you and you need plenty of room to move around.

A lesser number of quality furnishing items will be more preferable than a clutter of assorted items, and wooden furniture manufactured from fruitwoods, such as cherry, fitted to allow for easy movement into various room setting would be perfect for you.

As a December 12 you will appreciate design and shapes so that features such as inter-room arch ways, and curved ceiling moldings could be pleasing to your eye.

The bedroom should reflect the sensual seductive qualities of your personality by incorporating for example, a large impressive bed, warm sensual colored carpeting and rugs, and some plushy rich colored window drapes. Velvet is a material that should appeal to you and you might like to utilize within your bedroom environment. Some soft lighting, mirrors and some fine perfumes should help to finalize your bedroom setting.

Out doors, with your qualities for restlessness and a dislike for being confined you really need many outlets for your energies. You could therefore find yourself attracted to a wide range of activities such as, rock climbing, tramping, water sports, tennis, golf, or even becoming involved in a sporting activity as a team coach.

With your inherent appreciation for design and shape your garden area could well feature some stone pieces or creations of unusual or intriguing, eye-catching design. This does not infer that you are likely to be the keenest of gardeners, just that you are likely to enjoy a spacey outlook that includes features of interest to your eye.

Fruit trees should be a feature to include in the garden of the December 12.

Equipment for physical activity should be a feature in your garden or yard as a medium for you to burn of excess energy. A basketball hoop, a trampoline, or a garden swing might fit the bill.

Your special numbers are 6 and 5. The twelfth day of the twelfth month reduces to six, and the number six identifies with that of self-assurance, and balance.  The 347th day of the year reduces to five, and the number five provides the supporting qualities of agility and flexibility to enable you to face up to the challenges and oppositions that will arise in your life.