December 11 Birthday.


YOUR SIGN – Sagittarius.

YOUR SYMBOL: The Centaur


YOUR RULERS –  Jupiter, Mars. 

December 11  Birthday interpretation.

December 11 is a Sagittarius birth date that is well attuned with the human qualities for imaginative innovative ideas, and the drive and will power to follow them through. With your natural inherent respect for authority however, you may encounter the problem of finding it difficult to speak out about your ideas to others.

A negative side to the December 11 birth date can materialize in that of a person who does not like to be doubted or challenged, and who will consider that their opinions are the only ones of merit. This is an outlook that can end up causing conflict within working group scenarios, and at the end of the day it can stall, or prevent one’s potentially good intentions and unselfish concepts from progressing to reality.

The challenge for the December 11 is to apply your skills and talents toward activities that provide for a creative and productive result in life, rather than into high-flying concepts and ideas that at the end of the day will prove to be unachievable, or of little benefit to either yourself, or any one else.

You are by nature, the type of person who will hold concern for others whether at home or in your working environment. This is a quality that indicates you could well be prepared to devote considerable time to that of helping others, with result that you could well enter a vocation that involves such areas as ecological issues, energy conservation, or animal welfare and protection.

Alternatively, with your inherent respect for Justice, authority and that of a higher order, you could well find a career in the military arena, or even in a religious order as a pastor for example. Either arena  could form a suitable base for your particular outlook on the world. While these examples may at first glance appear to be totally contradictory activities, they both in reality provide for your natural inherent need to be able to given due consideration and respect to a higher authority in life.

As a December 11 birth date however, irrespective of whatever career path you finally decide upon in life, there is every likely hood that, through the influence of your ruling plant Jupiter, you will achieve a life of comfortable prosperity, and personal contentment.

On the romantic front, the qualities of flirtation and seduction are strongly associated with the sign of Sagittarius. As a December 10, you are likely to be well skilled in the arts of seduction, and have that inherent ability to be able to make that special someone in your life feel that they are the center of your existence.

Many people born on this December 11 birth date will find them self attracted toward an interest or study that involves matters of a spiritual and metaphysical nature. This might take the form of the study of astrology, the tarot, or numerology for example. You are likely to hold a life long interest in spiritual matters that range over many variations of thought.

December 11 identifies with a life path of learning through imitation, evolution and trial and error. This is a pattern that will call upon your powers for imagination and fantasy, and inherent in this outlook to life is the knowledge that in acting as if something is already factual, speeds up the process of growth and development.

You are likely to have a natural interest in the arts, and the genres of literature, music, and poetry could be particular avenues of appeal. A set of old leather-bound books by your favorite author could be a good addition to your home or working environment.

The colors of yellow, yellow/orange, red, rich royal blue, purple, and coral pink resonate well with this December 11 birth date.

The minerals of “amethyst”, “azurite” and malachite are gemstones for you, and a piece of tin in the shape of a square carried about your person can help to attract prosperity in your direction.

On the home front, the December 11 will need space about the home. You are likely to be highly selective with your furniture designs, aiming for a lesser quantity of quality items that express your own personal individuality needs over that of any cluttered effect arising out of a collection of superficial items.

Species of fruitwoods resonate well with your nature, and where possible, some furniture pieces made from such woods should provide a comfortable atmosphere for you.

As a December 11, you can where circumstances necessitate, live quite easily within a highly thrifty environment, and where so, it will be your power of spirit and strength of mental outlook that will support you. As example, some pillow furniture, plus perhaps just one substantial elegant chair with an upholstered cushion, and a prominent rug or floor covering with a red or blue background may be all you will need in your living space.

In the bathroom consider having some juniper oil to add to your bath water as it can have the effect of inspiring your confidence.

Organize your bedroom decor in a manner to support that sensual side of your personality. Velvet materials in deep rich colors such as rich purple should be especially pleasing to you. An impressive bed of substantial proportions, with a high headboard and low footboard, appropriately place mirrors, and some soft lighting should go a long way to setting your bedroom atmosphere.

On the out doors front, the December 11 will enjoy the environment of raw open nature with large impressive trees. The redwood tree can be a special tree for you and the physical activities of tramping, climbing and horse riding might well be appealing excellent outdoor pursuits to engage in.

With a preference for space an organized or detailed garden layout may not be so important to you, however since physical activity is an important aspect in your life, and playing in some way is the best way for you to focus your energy, you should consider having some form of equipment to satisfy that need in your garden. This could take the form of some sports equipment, a net-based game, or basketball hoop for example.

Some redwood lawn furniture would be a perfect addition to your garden or yard environment.

Your special numbers are 5 and 4. The eleventh day of the twelfth month reduces to five, and the number five identifies with that of mediation, adaptability, change, transition and evolution. The 346th day of the year reduces to four, and the number four provides a support for comfort and acceptance of the natural order of things in the physical universe.