December 10 Birthday.


YOUR SIGN – Sagittarius.

YOUR SYMBOL: The Centaur


YOUR RULERS –  Jupiter, Mars. 

December 10  Birthday interpretation.

This is a birth date strongly associated with the qualities of ambition, optimism, and social talents.

With your December 10 Sagittarius birth date, you are inherent of all the possible creative equipment one may need in order to find success in life. The only negative factor that you can face, is the potential for an under development in your preparation technique.

Being keen, courageous, and enthusiastic is not enough. You must learn to take the appropriate steps at the right time, and to avoid taking on responsibilities for which you are not sufficiently prepared, or qualified to undertake.

For those December 10”s that are yet to mature in such outlook, you should learn to listen, and to observe more rather than talking or taking action. Where you are at that more older and mature stage in life, then you are likely to have already learned, and acquired the wisdom and values in life with the result that you have a keen interest in the passing on of your knowledge and values to others.

This is the path of a teacher, and this December 10 day holds a strong association with that of teaching and learning. It is a day that holds a strong connection to centers and institutions of learning such as technical colleges, schools, trade apprentice institutions, and other forms of vocational learning organizations.

As a December 10 birth date, you are likely to hold spiritual interests that range over many variations of thought. With your outgoing personality, the act of conversation and the sharing of spiritual thoughts are likely to be of a lifelong interest.

Qualities associated with this December 10 birth date provide for a broad spectrum of choices and swings of temperament. The qualities of emotion and passion hold strong connections to this day, and particularly so in the arena of your personal relationships.

You are inherent of good seduction techniques and have the ability to always make that special person in your life feel that they are the center of your existence.

A potential relationship downside for you centers upon your inherent dislike for confinement or restriction, and this might find you tiring in a relationship and moving from one relationship to another because you experience some difficulty in finding a complete sense of satisfaction from only one person.

This can indicate the potential for having a number of partners and relationship through you life, rather than settling for only one in a life long partnership.

The path of this day identifies with the establishment of a strong connection with that of physical reality. You have a natural interest and understanding about plant life, and this can indicate that you have interest and ability to be able to learn the secrets of the earth, and to be able to generate highly successful returns from it.

The colors of deep red, deep purple, rich blue, tangerine orange, and saffron yellow resonate well with this December 10 birth date. Consider wearing some touches of red and yellow incorporated in your dress ware to help heighten your awareness of the simple pleasures in life.

The minerals of “citrine” and “jade” are gemstones that can help you to feel in harmony with the natural rhythms of life.

On the home front, those of the December 10 birth date are likely to favor an environment that will provide for an atmosphere that gives the sense of uncluttered space. Having said that, you will as a Sagittarius, tend to enjoy the value of luxury within the home, and achieve this by having furnishings and items of quality around you.

Essentially, you are one who will prefer a low-maintenance type of home, and a games room cum family play area can contribute an important feature for you as a place in which you can undertake activities in keeping with your robust character.

As a December 10, you are likely to love collecting natural items in the form of rocks, seashells, semi-precious stones, and pinecones for example.  Include these with other favored objects within your display cabinets.

Your bedroom should be furnished and appointed to support the powerful sensual element that is existent in the Sagittarian character.

A large impressive bed, and one that is possibly elevated well above the floor level, warm sensual carpeting and lush window drapes.

Rich color velvet is a material that should be both pleasing to your eye and appeal to your senses. Some appropriately positioned mirrors and some fine perfumes should finalize your bedroom setting.

Outdoors, the December 10 will find that wide-open range type environments are perfect for them. Tramping, horse riding and motorized cross-country travel might be good outdoor activities to satisfy your need for freedom from restriction, and to burn of excess energies.

If you happen to live in the city then you should endeavor to try to take as many breaks as possible in an environment where you are able to walk with little interruption or mind interference.

In the garden or yard you will need space in which to burn of excess energy. This should include some outdoor equipment for physical activities such as a trampoline, garden swing or basketball hoop for example.

The December will prefer and easy maintenance garden arena that incorporates perhaps well-appointed scrubs and small some easy care flower and vegetable beds. As a December 10 birth date you are likely to have an inherent curiosity, interest, and wisdom when it comes to matters of plant life.

A hedge system that provide for a screened off area or perhaps a maze type effect could be a good place for walking or sitting in while gathering your thoughts.

You are likely to appreciate flowers, and will probably have a preference for the long stemmed varieties such as tulips or daffodils for example.

Your special numbers are 4 and 3. The tenth day of the twelfth month reduces to four, and the number four identifies with that of planning, analysis, assessment, and order. The 345th day of the year reduces to three, and the number three provides the influence for that of growth, and the normal development of the initiatives that one undertakes in life.