December 1 Birthday.


YOUR SIGN – Sagittarius.

YOUR SYMBOL: The Centaur


YOUR RULERS –  Jupiter. 

December 1  Birthday interpretation.

Qualities associated with this December 1 Sagittarius birth date suggest an individual who will tend to view life first and foremost in an emotional way, but coupled with an outlook that will tend to be both of a cheerful and romantic nature.

While in the main you are one who will have an extremely positive frame of mind, you can, and especially so within your working situations, have a tendency to become a little overly anxious at times.

The December 1 will project a socially outgoing nature. You are good-natured, optimistic, and have a personality that will aim for fun and enjoyment. You have a strong sensual aspect to your personality, and will be well skilled in the arts of flirtation. You are one who will enjoy the initial process of seduction as much as you will the relationship that follows.

Inherent within the December 1 birth date is the urge to teach, and by nature you will be one who will derive satisfaction from being able to enlighten and explain things to others. You appear to have an additional insight into the most complex of life situations, and will find it totally natural to be the one who can inform, uplift, and clarify.

What you must take into consideration however, is that it important for you to realize that just because someone may not say anything does not necessarily indicate that they are ignorant of the subject you conferring on. It might be wiser therefore for you to establish their knowledge on a subject before you charge off into a comprehensive narration about something of which your listener or listeners are already knowledgeable about.

Some aspects associated with this day can indicate a potential tendency for being somewhat headstrong in behavior and even irresponsible in actions at times. Having said that however, you do have the ability to be able to take things as they come, and to be able to apply your natural enthusiasm and humor in such a way as to overcome just about any situation that may arise.

December 1 is a cheerful, buoyant and fun loving birthday and one that holds interest in ever changing circumstances. By nature you hold a dislike for most forms of restriction including many forms of rules and regulations. You enjoy freedom and the term “Let’s take a gamble” could be an apt description for your outlook.

Those of this December 1 birth date can find an attraction towards games of chance. Where you do bow to such activity you should just play for occasional fun and refrain from any temptation to bet your shirt.

By nature you enjoy literature, and are likely to love nothing more than reading books, visiting bookstores, and libraries. Films in the form of documentaries, nature subjects, geographical and historical, are some of the many subjects that will appeal to the December 1.

Animals and pets are likely to be a feature in your life. You have by nature a strong affinity with animals, and apart from having a pet or pets within your home environment, this interest could lead you into taking up some an involvement with some form of animal related business, care organization, or charity.

The horse in particular holds some connection to this birth date, and it could well be case, that you have a connection with that of horses and horse riding activities.

As a December 1 birth date yours is a path in life of bringing yourself into line with the order inherent in the physical universe. This necessitates that you delve within in order to get in touch with your body and its natural wisdom, and to learn to listen to the needs of your physical vehicle. This requires one to concentrate more on cultivating ones intuition, and a little less reliance upon pure intellect. In other words, try to listen a bit more, and to talk less.

The colors of red, amber, tangerine orange, wine red, and purple resonate well with this December 1 birth date.

The minerals of “citrine” and “jade” are gemstones that can help to firm up and solidify your thought processes, and a “bloodstone” carried about your person will help to inspire your confidence.

On the home front you will favor an uncluttered environment with plenty of touches for luxury. A lesser volume of quality things should appeal to you, and you should certainly look to indulge your sense for luxury as much as possible in the forms of furnishing, carpets, rugs and fabrics.

The December will like entertaining, so you should endeavor to establish a particular space within your home to provide a comfortable setting in which you and your friends and visitors can to sit and converse.

Consider keeping some circular objects on display in the home. These could take the form of decorative plates, a mirror or even small circular wall plaques featuring small animals.

Roses are nice flower for you and in particular wild roses with strong scent values. Consider keeping a vase of wild roses in the home and/or at work, as they will help to keep you in a good mind frame.

Consider maximizing the sensual atmosphere in your bedroom by utilizing some luxurious effects such as, some velvet drapes, a large imposing bed with sensual colored linen ware of your choice, and some appropriately placed mirrors.

On the out doors front, wild and rugged country will appeal to those of this birth date. Walking, hiking, cycling, tramping and climbing could well be activities to satisfy your energetic nature

Your garden or yard layout should reflect your inherent need for freedom from restrictions and take the form of a simple and spacious area.

A large grass area with small flowerbed areas in which to grow roses, and some small bushes or trees should be enough for you. A play area will be a necessity to burn of your energy, and this might have some forms of outdoor physical activities such as a trampoline, garden swing or basketball hoop for example.

If you reside in the city and don’t have garden or yard facilities, then the local park or sports or playing field could be good alternative places in which you might jog, play with children, or engage in some form of sport.

Your special numbers are 4 and 3. The first day of the twelfth month reduces to four, and the number four signifies that of order, measurement, and that of overall physical reality. The 336th day of the year reduces to three, and the number three provides for that of natural growth and development where you surrender to your senses and listen to your inner-self.