Debt – Meaning of Dream


To repay in your dream is a good sign. It betokens happiness, peace of mind and relief in reality. Maybe, you’ll repay a debt in waking life too, and this event will cause such emotions, although it can be any pleasant occasion. Evidently, you’ll manage to gain your aim. Well done! Also, such a dream presages huge success in the nearest future. It may concern not only business but amorous affairs as well. As for your business, you are about to sign a very profitable agreement which will make your family a well-to-do one. Besides, it will lay the foundation of your business prosperity. Don’t bask in fame for too long. Always remember that there is a chance to lose everything any moment if you don’t appreciate it.

In its turn, to borrow money or something else from somebody in your dream is an unfavorable sign. It betokens the arrival of bad times for you. It can be so that you’ll have to do the same in waking life. You’ll have to go through serious financial hardship due to some mistakes, betrayal of your friends/partners or just bad luck. Unfortunately, it is possible that you won’t be able to afford the things/services you could anymore. That’s why you’ll have to deny yourself some stuff. Despite all this, you shouldn’t hang your head down. On the contrary, you must do everything to make this hardship temporary, but not constant. Everybody falls on evil days. The difference is in the perception of a situation and in the readiness to fight.

To loan money in a dream signifies that you’ll be mistaken about somebody or something in the future. Maybe, somebody you pinned your hopes on won’t justify them; or you’ll make an unreasonable decision which will be reflected in your business affairs or private life. In any case, your rashness can be fraught with negative consequences. So, consider each question sensibly and from all angles. If you aren’t sure what to do, consult with an experienced person. Together you’ll probably find the best way.

If you have found out about some of your debts about which you totally forgot, it denotes that you might forget or miss something in reality as well. Try to recollect what exactly and correct the situation. Otherwise, you can lose somebody’s trust forever.

Seeing a person you owe money in your dream represents that you’ll do everything to improve some situation. All your attention, time and efforts will be devoted to the search of a decision.

If there is your debtor in a dream, it portends other money damages very soon. Start thinking over how you can avoid it.