Deaf – Meaning of Dream


To see a dream, in which a deaf person is offended by a dreamer and threatens him with violence, portends rupture of relations with his wife, because she is tired enduring his indifference. To avoid such a situation, a dreamer should say more compliments to his partner, and give flowers for no reason at least once a week.

Often, such a dream is a kind of reminder to a dreamer that not always he acts as a matter of conscience; and if he continues in the same vein, he will be punished.

If a dreamer sees himself being deaf in one ear – then in reality he/she will try to solve the problem, but he/she won’t pay attention to the small details that will be the key, and as a result it will take much more time for its solution.

To give alms to a deaf person is a sign of sadness that is connected to the fraud of a friend.

Dreaming of a deaf person who is trying to explain something to a dreamer with the help of fingers is a harbinger of good events. For a woman, it may be wedding chores, and for men – promotions.

Dreaming of a deaf person is not always a harbinger of some negative events. That’s why when interpreting dreams, other details should be taken into account, and then the interpretation will be complete.

Most often a deaf person foretells trouble, which can appear both at work and in private life, so it’s better to be attentive with partners, and perform duties well at work, otherwise reprimand simply can’t be avoided.

If a doctor talks to a dreamer about his/her possible deafness, it indicates that a dream is isolated from the outside world, and such situation can’t last any longer, otherwise he/she will be left alone. A person needs to meet more people, go to different parties and enjoy life.

To be deaf says that in real life a dreamer will have bad news, which will plunge him/her in shock and for a long time. Also, such a dream could mean a prolonged illness, so it is better to see a doctor and get tested.

A dream with a deaf person has a great significance for a dreamer, as this dream can hide answers to many questions. So, if a deaf-mute person teaches the alphabet, in reality he/she will discover a secret that will help him/her to achieve a prominent position in society and become a respected person.

A deaf child is usually seen in a dream as a sign of domestic chores, and does not lead to any serious problems; but if a child dies in a dream – then be ready for some bad news.

If a deaf person digs a pit, it bodes that somebody will put you on the line, and this might be your best friend, and all because once you had charmed his girlfriend. Deaf person, seen in a dream most often portends negative events, but in order to avoid it, you can write your dream on paper and throw it into the water.



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