Curlers – Meaning of Dream


If a woman sees herself with curlers in a mirror, it means that her partner or a friend will betray her. Such a dream at Sunday night foretells that some events will cause discontent with own appearance. Such events may include, for example a bad visit to the beautician, or ugly haircut. Women often dream of curlers, as a prediction of the fact that their friends are too curious about their intimate life. This can lead to quarrels with partners.

If a man had a dream about a woman with curlers, it means that he will be obliged to his lover or a friend.

Curlers in Miller’s dream book symbolize of a great joy for a girl, if she dreams as if she makes a hairstyle with the help of curlers.

If you dream of sitting in a hairdresser with curlers on your head, it means that in real life you will have to work hard in order to obtain the execution of your plans. Despite the upcoming challenges this dream foretells that you will succeed. To dream that curlers fall down means that in the coming days it is difficult to expect for a successful romantic relationship. If you dream that you are sleeping in curlers, then you will be able to fulfill your desires using own charm.

Curlers in a dream book by Vanga mean that in reality you deal with very monotonous and boring tasks. This dream predicts that you will be able to deal with those tasks only if you are patient enough.

If you dream of someone of your friends having curlers on the head, then there is a danger of an unpleasant situation in which you are embroiled without your desire, and then you will be blamed for its consequences.

If you want to remove the curlers but you can’t manage this because they stuck in your hair, it means that your behavior gives the grounds for gossips. A dream, in which you see broken hair curlers, portends a complication of home affairs and quarrels with relatives.

To see curlers on own head in a dream means, that it will be much more difficult to reach a goal than you expected.

If you sleep in curlers, it means that your charisma will help you get everything you want.

If you drop curlers down you will have failures in love.

To roll curlers on your hair means that soon you will have a pleasant event, celebration or a date.

To see yourself in a mirror reflection with curlers on your head means to encounter hypocrisy from a friend you have always trusted.



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