Cuckoo – Meaning of Dream


Overall, a dream about a cuckoo is quite depressing. A cuckoo means that, despite the presence of the family, a person still feels lonely. Also, quite often, a cuckoo is a herald of serious illness of a close relative, and family problems. Sometimes, the presence of this bird predicts frustration not only in business, but also in personal relationships. It is possible that this dream foretells a death of a truly loved one.

If you dream as if someone is trying to catch a bird, this means that you will face a foe, who is trying to ferret out a secret; although it may be the normal curiosity. In case you catch a cuckoo, it tells that you are trying to discover someone’s secret.

If you dream of a cuckoo sitting on eggs, this is an indicator of dissatisfaction with your social status. There is a huge difference between ambition and a real life.

As a rule, a cuckoo bodes that you will face numerous small losses. This dream symbolizes the beginning of a complex period in life. Generally, a cuckoo is a sign of disordered motherhood. Therefore, after such a dream it is advisable to solve your children’s problems; moreover your children didn’t get enough attention recently.

If a cuckoo sits on a blooming or green tree, on the contrary, it is a harbinger of prosperity and living a happy life.

If a cuckoo sits on a bare tree, this dream warns you of possible threat to health or even life.

If you hear a cuckoo, this is a sign of news to be received very soon. In addition, this is kind of indicator of the futility of your efforts. The business, which occupies all your thoughts, in really will not lead to positive results.

If the cuckoo is killed, it foreshadows the lack of necessary information, which can cause difficulty in business. If you observe a lot of flying birds, this dream portends unexpected news.

If you received a clock with a cuckoo as a present, it heralds time spent for no purpose.



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