Crucian – Meaning of Dream


In general, a crucian that appeared in a dream is considered as good sign. It symbolizes wealth, increasing prosperity, good deals and deeds. If you see a live crucian, actively frolicking in the clear water, this dream foretells the imminent happiness and good luck. But the dream about a dead crucian portends unpleasant life changes.

If you were observing this relative of a goldfish, soon you will meet with a deft and intelligent man, who will change your life for the better. If you dreamed of an adult fat crucian, be ready for favorable news from afar.

If you dreamed as if you caught a crucian when fishing, alas but this dream promises an ordeal. It is possible that you will become a victim of fraud and scams. The tricks of others will cost you too much; it will lead to frustration and the collapse of hopes.

If you tried to catch a crucian, but your methods were fruitless, in fact you will fail in some commercial enterprise. The business will not be profitable, but you will be able to return the investments.

If you ate crucian, it foretells a decent profit from financial transactions. Most likely, you will buy or sell something successfully.

The size of a crucian in a dream is also important. If you dream of a small fish – get ready for trouble or worry. Big crucian foretells a prosperous and satisfying life.

According to Miller a crucian predicts rise of income and material well-being. If you caught a crucian with bait, it’s a good omen promising carefree life. If a crucian has broken a hook and fell into the water unfortunately the period of happiness and prosperity will not last for long.

If you caught crucian in the net, with the catch was rich, in reality you will have success in absolutely any endeavor, even in highly questionable. You will gain financial independence, respect and honor from the people around. Fried crucian predicts unwavering financial well-being.

If you were eating crucian, ahead you will have a noisy celebration, abundant feast and as a consequence a heavy hangover.



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