Cranberry – Meaning of Dream


Cranberry portends trouble associated with getting additional information. Do not rely on others, because most likely you will receive false information that can disorient you; moreover, this will have a negative impact on your business.

If you pick up these berries on a swamp, the dream portends upcoming move out. If you cook compote with cranberries, be ready for unpleasant conversation and gossip. If you dream that you quench thirst with cranberry juice, it bodes that you will receive a proposal for cohabitation from an unpleasant individual.

In Miller’s interpretation, cranberry is seen by those who will have a showdown with a loved one. Men will get rid of boring relationships, and women will become aware of the machinations of people in close surroundings. If you found yourself on a meadow with cranberries, this dream foretells good times. You will recover from disease and all your undertakings will develop successfully. Green cranberries indicate that you rush thing; however, it doesn’t lead to anything good. Irremovable cranberry juice stain on your clothes portends various troubles; however the culprit of all your misfortunes will be unpunished.

Vanga stated that cranberries of red color symbolize the love relationship. Ripe and juicy cranberry foretells happiness in love; green berries portend upcoming problems with your loved one.

According to Freud, cranberry symbolizes your sexual life. If you pick up red berries on the swamp, the dream tells that you are not stable in relationships, and have many sexual partners. But all these relationships have long lost their novelty, and you are in search of new and interesting contacts.

If you want to pick up berries but you can’t find a good spot, it is a hint to pay attention to your relationship with a loved one. Most likely he estranges himself from you, because you don’t pay attention or show care.

If a woman got stained with cranberry juice, the dream reflects her great desire to have a child. If she just eats cranberries, in reality she tends to have same-sex love.


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