Core Understanding Of Astrology


Astrology is focused on the belief that you can live by the maxim, that which is above, is also below. This means that you can discern the earthly realm by observing the heavenly realm. This is done through the observation of the actual and anticipated movements of the celestial bodies in relation to each other. Most modern day astrology focuses on identifying overall macro societal trends and developments instead of the more.

There are those that believe that they can give a specific psychic reading from the stars in relation to a specific individual. They use the individuals precise time of birth to map the progression of the stars from that time until present and then into the future in order to assist the person in their life and life decisions. There are not many psychic readers that use astrology for assisting individuals in their quest for answers about themselves and their futures. The vast majority of astrology is focused on macro events that have an effect on the entire planet.

Astrology has been used in the western world not only to identify and psychically foretell events but also as a psychoanalytical tool to help people understand themselves and their behaviors. While true astrologers believe in the psychic reading power of astrology, the psychoanalysts primarily use it as a tool to help people understand themselves. These psychoanalysts do not allot any mystical power to the readings.

In India, astrology is used in many areas of modern day life. While there was a historical traditional of psychic tarot reading in the past, this has given way to a much more modern culture. But the adherence to astrology has remained strong in spite of societal advancements. It is not unusual at all for a person in India to consult an astrologer about marriage, business, or major life decisions.

A few years ago it was been polled that over 30% of the people in the United States have some belief in the power of Astrology. This number is much lower for their belief in other psychic systems such as psychic reading. But having over 30% believe in astrology is a significant number. What is interesting also is that a different study found that over 38% of Americans believed that astrology was based in science. These are interesting numbers and it is not clear whether they reflect on the core understanding and roots of astrology in the sciences. Or if they represent a misinformed American public that does not understand the difference between science and mysticism.

There has been numerous scientist astrologers that have spent their entire lives trying to document the statistical relationship between astrology and actual events. These scientists have not been successful and have ended their studies without proving any positive correlation. The problem with science trying to prove astrology is that the scientist cannot account for the psychic reader interpretation of the astrological events. Any interaction with the spirit world can never be explained with hard science because hard science is rooted in the earthly realm. Perhaps these scientists should have consulted a psychic tarot reader before embarking on their astrology studies. One psychic reading may have saved them years of study.