Conjunction Sun – Venus


(Natal Sun → Natal Venus)

S.V. Shestopalov. Aspects of the planets

Venus does not move further than 48 ° from the Sun, therefore the aspects that it can form with it are conjunction with semi-sextile. The conjunction of Venus with the Sun, like that of Mercury, is of two types, depending on the orb – the orb of the conjunction in the great-grandfathers from 2 ° to 8 °. With such a connection, there can be negative manifestations: disappointment, loss, extravagance; increased love for pleasures, entertainment, inconstancy in affection, falling in love, frivolity. The good side of this aspect is sincerity, tenderness, constancy, desire to help, refinement, talent, love of art, striving for perfection. Exact connection or more than 8 °, as well as semi-sextile, characterizes likability, charm, artistry, beauty, sophistication, courtesy, culture, friendliness, harmony, impressionability, fun, success in life and with the opposite sex, good taste. The negative side of these aspects is frivolity, amorousness, self-indulgence, inconstancy of affection, love of gifts, beautiful things, philistinism, lack of desire for improvement and self-education.

Francis Sakoyan. Aspects of

Gives strength of feelings, love of life, joy, optimism, love of fun and entertainment, albeit narcissism. Beauty and grace in self-expression, ability in art. If houses II and V are not affected, you can get rich on speculation. Thanks to love and a romantic streak, they can give happiness to others. They understand children well.

Absalom Underwater. Aspects of

Conjunction of the Sun: He called himself a load – climb into the back. The conjunction of the Planet with the Sun gives its manifestations a shade of imperative – at a high level of elaboration of the aspect. At a low level, the imperative relates more to the need to work out the Planet. The sun illuminates the lower manifestations of its principle and actualizes them, mainly by direct pressure. At a low level of elaboration of the Sun, it acts through rigid imperatives that it imposes on the Planet, suppressing its creativity and forcing its principle to manifest itself in a very narrowly outlined framework, in which it, in principle, cannot fit; excessive internal tension and explosion arise, and the creativity of the Absolute manifests itself both in the moment and nature of the explosion (unpredictable in advance), and in the shape and trajectories of the debris. If the connection is not worked out, but stands harmoniously, these explosions will be more dangerous for others, and the creative principle of the Planet will manifest itself only on the path of rigidly selfish consumption in areas corresponding to its principle. For example, the unprocessed connection of the Sun with Mars gives a large and useless activity, which, however, seems extremely important and useful to the person himself, and on the other hand, the ability to completely devour someone else’s energy, leaving the other person literally without strength and even a hint of gratitude. The study of the connection (and the Sun) will give a switch to a higher egregor, when the solar initiative is not in the order of a rigid order, but as an indication of the desired direction of activity, and most importantly, attention. Then the interaction of the Sun with the Planet is greatly facilitated, and the Planet receives from the Sun a kind of weak magnetization, which serves for orientation in difficult (for the Planet) conditions, when the optimal choice is not obvious. Conjunction of Venus: You can only benefit society by first separating yourself from it. The Venus conjunction gives the Planet Principle strong social and aesthetic accents; at a low level in the spheres ruled by the Planet, this person will be aesthetically capricious and socially determined; public opinion and the principle “like people” will be very important for him, and it will be difficult for him to free the principle of the Planet from the action of social clichés, which can sometimes lead to ridiculous dogmatism and ridiculous unpredictable effects when trying to use social clichés in completely inappropriate situations , in which the creative handwriting of the Absolute will manifest itself (at this level). Another feature of the influence of Venus on the Planet in conjunction with her is the accent of love, not necessarily erotic. Working out the aspect gives Divine light on any manifestation of the Planet; at a low level, a person does not perceive the manifestations of the Planet, unless a fair amount of love or social attention directed at him is added to them, although (karmically) he should not so much receive as radiate love in appropriate situations. For example, a child with Venus in conjunction with Saturn can be forced to systematically engage or simply focus only in an amicable way, affection, love, gentle persuasion, etc., but never by coercion, and ridicule in society will make him literally huddle in a corner and cry … At a low level, Venus relaxes the Planet, makes a person in the relevant areas a social parasite and a refined egoist, but when working through, egoism gives way to serving people; for example, the conjunction of Venus with the Moon can give a glutton and a gourmet who cares exclusively about his stomach, but when worked out – a wonderful culinary specialist who decorates his dishes as if for an art exhibition; the same applies to his sex life.

Het Monster. Aspects of

The power of feelings, optimism, love of fun, entertainment. Sometimes narcissism. Beauty and grace in the ways of self-expression, the ability for the arts. If houses II and V are not amazed – the opportunity to get rich on speculation. Success in life through brothers or wife. Women are born very kind. Venus behind the Sun – eternal troubles and failures with girls, and with an empty or damaged IV house – and in marriage (for men).

Catherine Aubier. Astrological Dictionary

Connection: a combination of the conscious and the emotional and, as a consequence of this, the desire to be liked, to be appreciated, at its true worth, the need to love and be loved. Such people are affable, have a natural charm, which acquires its own special features depending on the sign in which the connection is located.

Various sources for a child’s horoscope

Your charming child can express himself in a sophisticated artistic way, with attractiveness and charm, while narcissism is possible. With age, he may show an interest in performing arts, mastering public speaking or working in the modeling business (top model). He is optimistic, with a love of fun, games and entertainment.


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