Conjunction Sun – Pluto


(Natal Sun → Natal Pluto)

S.V. Shestopalov. Aspects of the planets

These are aspects of self-affirmation, struggle for popularity, power, success; it is diktat, the desire to command, authoritarianism, conflicts with others, quarrelsomeness, imprudence, rashness, impatience; a tendency to accidents, the danger of surgery, inflammatory diseases. The good side is that the fight for popularity can be an incentive for self-improvement; these aspects can give the ability to achieve goals, the ability to win.

Francis Sakoyan. Aspects of

Their power potential is manifested by the ability to revive and transform themselves and their environment. They have incredibly great energy, they know how to penetrate the essence of things. Pluto is the master of the ability to penetrate dimensions and discover sources of fundamental energy. This primordial energy manifests itself as sexual potency, which can manifest itself in spiritual or physical form. Access to higher areas of consciousness is possible, these people can become an instrument of divine will. If they fail to combine their own and divine will, they risk becoming dictators due to the power complex, which leads to their destruction. They need to learn tolerance.

Absalom Underwater. Aspects of

Conjunction of the Sun: He called himself a load – climb into the back. The conjunction of the Planet with the Sun gives its manifestations a shade of imperative – at a high level of elaboration of the aspect. At a low level, the imperative relates more to the need to work out the Planet. The sun illuminates the lower manifestations of its principle and actualizes them, mainly by direct pressure. At a low level of elaboration of the Sun, it acts through rigid imperatives that it imposes on the Planet, suppressing its creativity and forcing its principle to manifest itself in a very narrowly outlined framework, in which it, in principle, cannot fit; excessive internal tension and explosion arise, and the creativity of the Absolute manifests itself both in the moment and nature of the explosion (unpredictable in advance), and in the shape and trajectories of the debris. If the connection is not worked out, but stands harmoniously, these explosions will be more dangerous for others, and the creative principle of the Planet will manifest itself only on the path of rigidly selfish consumption in areas corresponding to its principle. For example, the unprocessed connection of the Sun with Mars gives a large and useless activity, which, however, seems extremely important and useful to the person himself, and on the other hand, the ability to completely devour someone else’s energy, leaving the other person literally without strength and even a hint of gratitude. The study of the connection (and the Sun) will give a switch to a higher egregor, when the solar initiative is not in the order of a rigid order, but as an indication of the desired direction of activity, and most importantly, attention. Then the interaction of the Sun with the Planet is greatly facilitated, and the Planet receives from the Sun a kind of weak magnetization, which serves for orientation in difficult (for the Planet) conditions, when the optimal choice is not obvious. Pluto’s conjunction: In pursuit of a person, rock does not set itself the task of catching up with him. In the spheres ruled by the Planet in conjunction with Pluto, a person will feel the breath of fate; with a strong energy, this breath is felt by those around him, especially those who activate the Planet. The meaning of this fate is to cleanse and renew the principle of the Planet in the form as it materializes in the fate of a person, which is determined not only by the rolling card, but also by the person’s personal choices during life. At a low level, it will seem to a person that in the spheres ruled by the Planet, he seems to be guarded by misfortunes and irrecoverable losses, and here he really should develop humility and learn to work on the higher vibrations of the corresponding currents, otherwise the most unpleasant consequences can await him (with a harmonious Planet and the map as a whole, they often overtake not him, but his immediate environment). The peculiarity of working out the conjunction with Pluto is that Pluto never believes that a person is sufficiently pure, and in the spheres of life where the principle of the Planet is active, a person will feel it well. Elaboration here is expressed in the change of tools that Pluto uses: a trash can and a tank, a broom and a scoop, or a brush and tissue paper. At a high level, this aspect gives a deep penetration into the existential problems of the house, where the connection stands, as well as the spheres ruled by the Planet, the ability to very finely work out its principle and the ability to solve large karmic problems in the corresponding areas with minor influences.

Het Monster. Aspects of

They have great energy potential; know how to get into the essence of things. If they fail to combine divine and their own will, they risk becoming dictators due to the power complex, and this leads to death. They need to learn tolerance. Striving to lead, to gain recognition. With bad aspects – the danger of accidents, catastrophes. Crises in life, friction with the authorities. Inability to obey.

Catherine Aubier. Astrological Dictionary

Connection: the aspect of a secret and deliberately hidden force, which gives great opportunities for dexterous manipulation of others, like “Deus ex machina” in the ancient theater. A strong will, a tendency to assert oneself, not to be anyone’s debtor, to live by one’s own mind. The ability to change everything, to question everything. Psychologically, the significance of the paternal model is great, but this model is unsuccessfully implemented or becomes unacceptable.

Various sources for a child’s horoscope

Such a child can be attracted by a superhero – an ordinary person who turns into a powerful creature. He will strive to be like such a person, showing audacity and self-confidence. The child must understand that there are right and wrong ways to use personal power. Otherwise, he may show the use of his power in fights and quarrels. Family problems, such as breaking up or losing a parent, can heighten feelings of being deprived of their strength and will. Parents and teachers should allow these children to acknowledge their own worth, but not allow anything that is arrogant or cruel to themselves and others. A child may consider his father to be omniscient and omnipotent, or, conversely, unceremonious and ruthless (these qualities arise in the child’s fantasy due to observations of life situations).



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