Conjunction Sun – Jupiter


(Natal Sun → Natal Jupiter)

S.V. Shestopalov. Aspects of the planets

Success in life, happiness, a broad outlook on things, justice, nobility, foresight, humanity, generosity, kindness, philanthropy, cheerfulness, optimism, cheerfulness, honesty, sincerity; spiritual, scientific interests; philosophical nature, favor of Providence and Fortune; women have a happy marriage. The negative side of this aspect is loyalty to power, a successful career can reconcile a person with the injustice prevailing in society, give complacency.

Francis Sakoyan. Aspects of

They know how to expand their spheres of influence and achieve their goals. Their exciting personality and optimistic essence brings them happiness. A positive attitude towards life allows you to make the most of your chances. Enthusiasm captures others, encourages collaboration. They seek power and influence through projects that gain recognition. They take advantage of public ambition to support their ambitions.

Absalom Underwater. Aspects of

Conjunction of the Sun: He called himself a load – climb into the back. The conjunction of the Planet with the Sun gives its manifestations a shade of imperative – at a high level of elaboration of the aspect. At a low level, the imperative relates more to the need to work out the Planet. The sun illuminates the lower manifestations of its principle and actualizes them, mainly by direct pressure. At a low level of elaboration of the Sun, it acts through rigid imperatives that it imposes on the Planet, suppressing its creativity and forcing its principle to manifest itself in a very narrowly outlined framework, in which it, in principle, cannot fit; excessive internal tension and explosion arise, and the creativity of the Absolute manifests itself both in the moment and nature of the explosion (unpredictable in advance), and in the shape and trajectories of the debris. If the connection is not worked out, but stands harmoniously, these explosions will be more dangerous for others, and the creative principle of the Planet will manifest itself only on the path of rigidly selfish consumption in areas corresponding to its principle. For example, the unprocessed connection of the Sun with Mars gives a large and useless activity, which, however, seems extremely important and useful to the person himself, and on the other hand, the ability to completely devour someone else’s energy, leaving the other person literally without strength and even a hint of gratitude. The study of the connection (and the Sun) will give a switch to a higher egregor, when the solar initiative is not in the order of a rigid order, but as an indication of the desired direction of activity, and most importantly, attention. Then the interaction of the Sun with the Planet is greatly facilitated, and the Planet receives from the Sun a kind of weak magnetization, which serves for orientation in difficult (for the Planet) conditions, when the optimal choice is not obvious. Conjunction of Jupiter: Standing on the shoulders of giants, make sure they don’t slouch over. At a low level, conjunction with Jupiter gives the Planet a keen sense of its own worth. A person sincerely thinks that all his manifestations in the relevant areas are extremely important and significant; here he has tremendous opportunities, and everyone, realizing this, should help him and serve him disinterestedly. Indeed, this aspect potentially gives a large expansion of the principle of the Planet and at times luck not deserved by personal efforts (especially with a strong Jupiter), for example, high patronage. The danger here lies in the fact that a person is inclined to perceive these possibilities as given, as if it could not be otherwise, and in the purely egoistic aspect of joyful consumption; elaboration consists in realizing their responsibility for any Jupiterian gifts and opportunities as group values, and their most effective and creative distribution. The conjunction of Jupiter means an intense invitation to the egregor, and a person (karmically) must not only consume the gifts, but also enter the egregor and do the necessary work with it (or in it), or give the opened channel to a suitable person. For example, the conjunction of Jupiter with Mars means that a person will have a lot of energy coming from a wide variety of sources, but also a strong temptation to spend it chaotically, thoughtlessly and ineffectively, although he himself will subconsciously believe for a long time that any of his active actions are flawless and brings grace in its purest form. At a high level of elaboration, this person opens high energy and spiritual channels to others (in general, the conjunction of Jupiter is an aspect of the preacher).

Het Monster. Aspects of

Powerful personality, optimism, broad nature. Their enthusiasm captures others, encourages collaboration. They often achieve fame, honor, and a high position in society. Jupiter behind the Sun is a propensity for excesses.

Catherine Aubier. Astrological Dictionary

Bonding: a perfect example of self-confidence and optimism. A person is filled with calm confidence and is inclined to show concern for his own good and the good for his neighbor. Astrological tradition attributes to him generosity and the desire to patronize, but these abilities will never make him come to sacrifice his ambitions, for here the principle prevails: “Above all, I myself; if you follow me, so much the better for you … and woe to those who do not. ” In some cases (poorly aspected connection) there is a tendency to take oneself for the “Lord Almighty”. That is, this aspect is often associated with power, since it gives a taste for power.

Various sources for a child’s horoscope

This child is trying to “enlarge” his personality and expand his spheres of influence, since it is difficult for him to accept himself simply as he really is. Sometimes it helps him to achieve the goal. In his eyes, the father is a great breadwinner, who brings many gifts and things as compensation for not giving the child enough time.


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