Conjunction Sun – Ascendant


(Natal Sun → Natal Ascendant)

Francis Sakoyan. Aspects of

Strong personality. Consciousness and self-awareness in harmony with life force. They cope with themselves and with the environment, since their actions come directly from the solar source of life (the Sun is elevated here, as it is in Aries). These people are of strong physique, healthy constitution, rarely get sick and rarely get tired; if there is no severe defeat, they quickly regain their strength. They are in harmony with the common consciousness that unites the past, present and future with the present moment. Therefore, they are able, as strong beings, to exert a positive influence in the direction of good, especially if the entire horoscope speaks of a highly developed personality (a closely intertwined picture of aspects, including most or all planets with strong aspects with Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Sun, MC and Ascendant). Defeats associated with the VI or XII houses show that the energy of the solar inclinations is no longer in equilibrium with itself and therefore is used for self-destruction.

Het Monster. Aspects of

Strong personality, harmony of ideas about the external world and about oneself. These people actively influence their environment. Themselves rarely get sick and rarely get tired. With a good horoscope – the energy is used for the benefit of others, with a bad one (the 6th or 12th houses are affected) – to the detriment of them and oneself.

Catherine Aubier. Astrological Dictionary

The aspects between the Sun and the Ascendant express the correspondence between the content, the true essence of the personality and its external manifestations; in the case of connection, we see that a person shows himself exactly as he really is.

Various sources for a child’s horoscope

It’s hard not to notice this child: he willingly shines his light above the crowd! The child will be able to cope with himself and the environment, since his actions come directly from the solar source of life. These children rarely get sick and rarely get tired, they quickly recover their strength.


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