Conjunction Mercury – Saturn


(Natal. Mercury → Natal. Saturn)

S.V. Shestopalov. Aspects of the planets

Strengthens mental abilities, memory; the mind is accurate, logical, concentrated, deep, clear, methodical, practical, steady; good organizational skills, business qualities; ability to politics, tact, diplomacy, prudence, caution; great mental performance. The negative side – caution can lead to some slowness in making decisions, laziness and passivity in actions. Mercury in conjunction and tense aspects with Saturn. Bad memory, the mind becomes pedantic, bureaucratic. Pickiness appears, a person can become a literalist. Stubbornness, severity of mind, selfishness, callousness, coldness, arrogance; disorganization, cowardice, insecurity, distrust, suspicion, cunning, secrecy, deceit, deceit, deceit, melancholy, stinginess, commercialism; difficulties, obstacles. Late arrivals; erroneous messages; speech defects. The positive side of these aspects is that pedantry turns into order, accuracy, punctuality; perseverance, hard work in learning, mental pursuits.

Francis Sakoyan. Aspects of

They are not so eloquent and expressive, but in thinking they are precise, accurate, logical. Bright mathematical and scientific ability, foresight, leadership skills. Other indicators will clarify the area of manifestation of spiritual abilities. They work hard, hard, study thoroughly and systematically. Consistency is observed in conversation and writing. A sense of form and structure gives good designers and architects. They have spiritual ambition, but many difficulties stand on the way to recognition. In the worst case, criticism, anxiety, depression. Skeptics, poorly perceive the new and unusual, this does not fit into their view of the world.

Absalom Underwater. Aspects of

Conjunction of Mercury: Not only is the absence of thought disturbing, but also in many cases its presence. Mercury gives the Planet in conjunction with it a strong mental coloring, even when it is completely unnecessary and undesirable for a person; for example, during the conjunction of Mercury with Venus, there will be so much calculation and sanity in a love relationship that any immediate feeling and living sensation will live very shortly, especially if Mercury is stronger than Venus. Unfortunately, the mental coloration is not identical to the mind, since most often it comes down to the widespread flat ideas and cliches of public consciousness and subconsciousness, which will actively influence the principle of the Planet, greatly schematizing and profaning it. A person will, of course, feel this, but all his attempts to get rid of such deadening (each time in its own way) influence of Mercury on the Planet by expanding the sphere of its manifestations (for example, the search for new lovers in the case of Venus) are doomed to failure, since the mind, although rude, but flexible, and can adapt and somehow simulate any phenomenon. The elaboration of the connection goes first of all through the study of Mercury, that is, the awareness of the role and meaning of mental activity as giving a general direction to energy flows and planetary principles, but not replacing them. Here, the elaboration is difficult, since it requires a restructuring of thinking, rejection of heavy, straightforward social clichés and a transition to work with lighter and more flexible thought forms capable of adequate interaction with the principle of the Planet. For example, the conjunction of Mercury with Mars with strong Mercury at a low level of elaboration gives not a person, but practically a robot, which must first simulate any active action in the head, completely unable to trust the feeling and logic of its direct energetic manifestations. Working out the aspect gives great creative abilities, manifested in the form of subtle and inventive indirect mental control of the principle of the Planet in those moments when it is necessary. Saturn conjunction: The passage of time slows down on its own. The problem is to notice it. The conjunction of the Planet with Saturn squeezes and freezes its principle; here the karmic requirement is a deep study, in particular, the release of the principle of the Planet from superficial egoistic programs that require a specific payment for any insignificant effort. For example, the conjunction of Saturn with Mercury gives a person who poorly understands things that he has not thought out, and it is useless to fight this. If a person “tries, which is very characteristic of a low level of elaboration of the aspect, to ignore the intense pressure of Saturn, which makes him think Long and carefully, then his rational thinking will literally jam, and he will lose any consideration in general, feeling the creativity of the Absolute in the form of various absurd and tragic situations, where he will find himself because of his frivolity, but in fact laziness and irresponsibility.At the beginning of the study, the connection of Saturn requires withdrawal and comprehension of the principle of the Planet within the framework of his life and life philosophy, which is often motivated by long-term external restrictions; further development is no longer under such harsh conditions as the primary one, but here voluntary humility and voluntary submission to the principle of the Planet in situations when it becomes active is required from a person, which gives very high results and a breakthrough to great creativity in the spheres ruled by the Planet, although initially it is difficult to believe , since the conjunction of Saturn gives, on the contrary, the impression of not just lack of abilities, but downright their negative value, often an inferiority complex – and at the same time an extremely strong and deep inner desire to master the principle of the Planet.

Het Monster. Aspects of

Accuracy, precision in thinking; they do not possess special eloquence, but they know how to lead. They work and study hard, hard. Often they are good designers and architects. With the affected aspect – criticism, concern, depression. Skepticism. With a general bad horoscope – a violent death.

Catherine Aubier. Astrological Dictionary

Connection: strict, logical, sober mind, ability to concentrate, desire to get to the point, intellectual honesty. The ability to reason scientifically; rationality, thoughtfulness. Foresight, objectivity; ability to concentrate, love for intractable tasks. With a bad aspect of this connection – lack of imagination, fantasy, excessive severity; reason becomes the omnipotent judge.

Various sources for a child’s horoscope

Your child may not be as eloquent and expressive as he is accurate in thinking, accurate, logical. He has a clear, reliable memory. He studies thoroughly, but he can be too restless and anxious. Keeps logic in conversation and writing. Knows how to listen to others. It is helpful for this child to learn to focus on positive thoughts.



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