Conjunction Mercury – Jupiter


(Natal. Mercury → Natal. Jupiter)

S.V. Shestopalov. Aspects of the planets

The gift of foresight is violated, which in turn leads to miscalculations, mistakes, delusions. Inclination to deception, lies, injustice, dishonesty. The mind becomes scattered, chaotic, torn apart, illogical, inconsistent. The positive side of such aspects is sharpness and frankness; can give a fight for justice, criticism of superiors.

Francis Sakoyan. Aspects of

Expands the mind and reason, interest in religion, law, education, rely on intellectual ability. They know how to persuade eloquently. Good for teachers, clergy, speakers, politicians, anyone who needs eloquence to gain support. These are teachers, lawyers, advisers, serve humane purposes, it brings respect. They love to go far once. As a rule, they receive an education that promotes a career. They are respected in their field and regarded as authorities.

Absalom Underwater. Aspects of

Conjunction of Mercury: Not only is the absence of thought disturbing, but also in many cases its presence. Mercury gives the Planet in conjunction with it a strong mental coloring, even when it is completely unnecessary and undesirable for a person; for example, during the conjunction of Mercury with Venus, there will be so much calculation and sanity in a love relationship that any immediate feeling and living sensation will live very shortly, especially if Mercury is stronger than Venus. Unfortunately, the mental coloration is not identical to the mind, since most often it comes down to the widespread flat ideas and cliches of public consciousness and subconsciousness, which will actively influence the principle of the Planet, greatly schematizing and profaning it. A person will, of course, feel this, but all his attempts to get rid of such deadening (each time in its own way) influence of Mercury on the Planet by expanding the sphere of its manifestations (for example, the search for new lovers in the case of Venus) are doomed to failure, since the mind, although rude, but flexible, and can adapt and somehow simulate any phenomenon. The elaboration of the connection goes first of all through the study of Mercury, that is, the awareness of the role and meaning of mental activity as giving a general direction to energy flows and planetary principles, but not replacing them. Here, the elaboration is difficult, since it requires a restructuring of thinking, rejection of heavy, straightforward social clichés and a transition to work with lighter and more flexible thought forms capable of adequate interaction with the principle of the Planet. For example, the conjunction of Mercury with Mars with strong Mercury at a low level of elaboration gives not a person, but practically a robot, which must first simulate any active action in the head, completely unable to trust the feeling and logic of its direct energetic manifestations. Working out the aspect gives great creative abilities, manifested in the form of subtle and inventive indirect mental control of the principle of the Planet in those moments when it is necessary. Conjunction of Jupiter: Standing on the shoulders of giants, make sure they don’t slouch over. At a low level, conjunction with Jupiter gives the Planet a keen sense of its own worth. A person sincerely thinks that all his manifestations in the relevant areas are extremely important and significant; here he has tremendous opportunities, and everyone, realizing this, should help him and serve him disinterestedly. Indeed, this aspect potentially gives a large expansion of the principle of the Planet and at times luck not deserved by personal efforts (especially with a strong Jupiter), for example, high patronage. The danger here lies in the fact that a person is inclined to perceive these possibilities as given, as if it could not be otherwise, and in the purely egoistic aspect of joyful consumption; elaboration consists in realizing their responsibility for any Jupiterian gifts and opportunities as group values, and their most effective and creative distribution. The conjunction of Jupiter means an intense invitation to the egregor, and a person (karmically) must not only consume the gifts, but also enter the egregor and do the necessary work with it (or in it), or give the opened channel to a suitable person. For example, the conjunction of Jupiter with Mars means that a person will have a lot of energy coming from a wide variety of sources, but also a strong temptation to spend it chaotically, thoughtlessly and ineffectively, although he himself will subconsciously believe for a long time that any of his active actions are flawless and brings grace in its purest form. At a high level of elaboration, this person opens high energy and spiritual channels to others (in general, the conjunction of Jupiter is an aspect of the preacher).

Het Monster. Aspects of

Broad mind, erudition, interest in religion, law, pedagogy. They know how to persuade eloquently. At least once in a lifetime, they take a long journey (which often discourages further ones). They are respected and considered authorities. Success in commercial ventures.

Catherine Aubier. Astrological Dictionary

Connection: a practical, active mind capable of simplifying, sometimes even coarsening facts to make them accessible to everyone. Ease of assimilation and perception, cunning, opportunism of thinking; such a person would be able to use some trick, if only the answer would agree. He is a good speaker, easily expresses his thoughts, has the gift of persuasion: for him, the word serves to achieve success. His ideas are practical, specific, and publicly available.

Various sources for a child’s horoscope

Your child is very curious, he has many interests and hobbies. Sometimes he promises more than he can deliver. He knows how to persuade eloquently, is prone to exaggeration. Parents should ask their child to tell or write different stories, whether they are true or fictional. And then disassemble them together with him so that the child can correctly assess ordinary reality without exaggerating it.


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