Compatibility in sex of the zodiac signs – Synastry analysis in terms of sex


Sexual compatibility. Elements, houses and aspects of the natal chart that increase the need for sex. 

In this article, we will talk about synastry in terms of sexual compatibility, types of sexual temperament. Consider which zodiac signs are the sexiest, i.e. for whom sex is very important, and which signs are less sexual. We will also analyze the houses and aspects of the natal chart that increase a person’s sexual needs.

First, we will analyze the natal charts of each partner for sexuality. Those. we must understand how important sex is for each partner in a couple, what is the sexual temperament of each, what are the expectations of partners in terms of sex. Let’s analyze what each partner promises to the other with his behavior before sex. Then we will analyze the synastry specifically in terms of sexual compatibility.

What is the sexiest zodiac sign? Elements that increase sexuality.

Of all the elements, the most passionate are water (zodiac signs Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) and fiery (zodiac signs Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) elements, and earthly (zodiac signs Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) and air (zodiac signs Gemini, Libra, Aquarius ) – are more calm. I am talking here about the expressed elements in the natal chart (the position of the Sun, Mars and Venus in these elements, the Moon and the ruler of the chart to a lesser extent).

The water and fire elements are under the power of their strong desires. It is difficult for people with pronounced fire and water elements to control their emotional impulses, feelings, needs and desires. Their sexual arousal is powerful and it can be difficult for them to restrain themselves in terms of sex.

The fire element is ardent, passionate, impatient, and more selfish in terms of satisfying one’s own needs, including sex. If the fiery element is expressed in the natal chart, we can say about such a person that he is “hot”. A person’s actions are governed by strong emotions and passion, and not only in sex, but in life in general. The desires of such a person are spontaneous and uncontrollable. He is initiative, but impulsive and restless. The fire element is distinguished by its straightforwardness, and in terms of sex, a person with a pronounced element of fire in the natal chart is direct, natural, relaxed and openly expresses his desires. He is gambling and restless. The most impulsive and hasty is Aries. Aries and Sagittarius are both changeable in their needs, while Leo is the most resilient. For Aries, sex is of great importance, because its ruler Mars is the planet of the sexual instinct. But, in general, all fire signs are distinguished by an increased sexual temperament (especially when Mars and Venus are in these signs).

People with a pronounced water element in the natal chart (the position of the Sun, Mars and Venus in the water element, the Moon and the ruler of the chart to a lesser extent) are cautious, closed, but very emotional and sensual. They, like “fiery” people, can act under the influence of impulse, their desires are spontaneous and strong. They are restless, but they try to hide their anxiety. “Aquatic” people react sharply to the challenges of the world around them – Cancer hides from problems, dodges, Scorpio – acts carefully, but decisively, Pisces – change tactics, adapt, can avoid problems, postpone their solution.

“Water” people are secretive, their motives are difficult to understand, they need to be deciphered, they act very subtly. Pisces and Cancer are variable in their needs, which also applies to sexual desires. Although Cancer is more affectionate than Pisces, because It is important for Cancer to keep it reliable and time-tested, and is not inclined to take risks. Pisces also does not like to take risks, but this is a changeable sign, he may want one today, and tomorrow another. Pisces in terms of sex can be empathetic, gentle, sensual, but it is worth remembering that this is a passive sign (just like Cancer).

The sexiest of the water signs is Scorpio, in general this sign is the sexiest of the entire zodiac. Firstly, it is a water sign, which indicates its orientation towards feelings, and secondly, it is fixed, which indicates the duration of feelings and stable desires.

Cancer is the most selfish of all water signs – its energy is directed towards itself, its feelings, i.e. “Inward”. Pisces often direct their energy in general to all people, “outside” or to some of their fictional ideal, to their fantasies. And Scorpio carries his energy into relationships, directs it to a partner, and expects from his partner deep involvement in relationships, and he himself is deeply involved in them.

All water signs rely on intuition and their deepest desires. The sexuality of people with a pronounced water element is associated with powerful and deep emotions. It is important for such people to feel secure with a partner, their partner should be truly mentally close to them. For watermarks, sexuality is emotional.

The earthly element is sensual, but calmer, and the air element is the least sexy. People with pronounced elements of earth and air in the natal chart are more often in a calm mood. These elements are balanced, they know how to restrain themselves, not give vent to resentment and anger, which is difficult to do with water and fire signs.

People with a pronounced earthly element are focused on the physical side of sex, for them bodily sensations, comfort, affection are more important. They view sex as a basic need or obligation. The earthly element is the most stable in terms of its needs, desires and moods, so it is easier for earthly people to remain faithful to one partner. Although laziness is inherent in Taurus and she can prevail over a sense of duty. Also, people of the earth element can be passive and lack of initiative, they lack excitement and passion (especially Virgo and Taurus), including sexually. Self-control of feelings and desires is inherent in earthly people, as well as the desire to control others.

But intimate self-control is not the best quality. Thoughtfulness and caution deprives people with a pronounced earthly element of ease, spontaneity and openness, they can be boring, or too “right” for more active people. These qualities are especially inherent in Virgo. Virgo thinks, analyzes, criticizes a lot, which complicates the love sphere. Finding Venus and Mars in Virgo makes a person dry, dispassionate, selective, critical of the sphere of sex and love. In order to be completely satisfied in sex, it is important for a person with pronounced Virgo to take into account many different nuances that are known only to him. And for this reason, he is often dissatisfied with his sex life and himself. By constantly evaluating himself and his partner, he only aggravates this state of discontent. All emotions and feelings are passed through the mind.

Taurus is the most sensual of the earth signs, sex is very important for people with a pronounced Taurus sign in the natal chart. Such a person loves sensual pleasures, he instinctively strives for bodily pleasures, physical comfort, affection. In terms of sex, he is a gentle and sensitive lover, but he can be somewhat passive, lazy and slow. The Taurus sign can be called voluptuous and even lustful.

Capricorn of all earth signs can be considered the sexiest, his needs for sex are great (especially when Venus and Mars are in the sign of Capricorn). But people with a predominance of the Capricorn sign in the natal chart also have the most pronounced sense of self-control. In an intimate sense, such a person is initiative and takes on the role of a leader, but he is restrained, maybe even coldish in the intimate sphere.

The air element is the most dispassionate and least sexual from the sensual and emotional side of intimate life. People of the air element are flexible, light, adaptable, but emotionally they are the coldest and most rational. They are, as it were, removed from their partner, they need a lot of personal space (especially Gemini and Aquarius). Air people are non-aggressive, but can be restless and volatile. People with a pronounced element of air in the natal chart are versatile, sociable and curious. It is more difficult for them than others to have stable habits, needs and desires, for this reason they are most prone to cheating. Gemini and Libra are not very proactive, Aquarius is more stubborn and unpredictable. Air people (especially if Mars and Venus are located in the air signs) talk and think more about sex, and in practice they may not be very good lovers. They have a dispassionate attitude towards sex, without a deep emotional connotation, more in terms of reason. Their sexuality is stimulated by mental images, conversations, coquetry, communication, flirting.

People with a pronounced Gemini sign (especially Mars and Venus in Gemini) are not involved in relationships too emotionally and deeply, they can be hasty in sex, they may be more interested not in quality, but in quantity and variety. Pronounced Gemini or Aquarius in the natal chart often lower sexuality, and in some cases, sex for such a person may not be very important at all.

People with a pronounced Aquarius sign (especially when the Sun, Mars and Venus are in Aquarius) can be very original, but they also have a dispassionate attitude towards sex. Emotionally, they usually keep their partner at a distance. The sign of Aquarius can affect sexual temperament in the most unusual ways, for example, as complete indifference to sex, or experiments with several partners, or too frequent partner changes or other unconventional addictions. Such a person can be changeable and unpredictable in an intimate sense, as well as impatient.

Pronounced Libra in the natal chart inclines a person towards partnerships, but still, in feelings, people with pronounced Libra are coldish and detached. Venus in Libra gives a large selection of partners, but the partners themselves will naturally not be delighted with this. With Mars in Libra (this applies to a lesser extent to the position of the Sun in Libra), a person has below average sexuality, but he can go to two extremes – either sex is not very important to him, or he is overly emphasized on the topic of sex. More often, accentuation occurs in men. A man, in order to compensate for the weakness of Mars in Libra, can overemphasize intimate life, often choosing activities that will emphasize his masculinity (hide weakness) – clothing style, weapons, hunting, technique, excessive emphasis on sex or sports, feigned rigidity etc.

So, summing up, we can say that the following signs of the zodiac are the sexiest: Scorpio, Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Taurus, Capricorn. If Mars, Venus and the Sun (the Moon and the ruler of the chart to a lesser extent) are located in these signs of the zodiac, then the person has an increased sexual temperament. Obsession with the topic of sex, with a weak sexual temperament, can be, if Venus is in the Martian signs, and Mars is in the Venusian ones. We can observe this situation in Sigmund Freud – a very vivid example. Mars is in Libra, and Venus is in Aries, by the way, Freud himself is in the solar sign Taurus.

Planets that are responsible for sexuality, sexual temperament

In sexual compatibility and in the analysis of sexual temperament, the following planets are of greatest importance: Mars, Sun and Venus. The sun is the general setting of a person, his main goals and desires in life. And if the Sun falls into the sexual signs of the zodiac, then sexuality increases accordingly.

Venus is an emotional level, a relationship to the realm of love. Venus shows what type of relationship is attractive to a person. Venus in women is more important in the analysis of sexual compatibility than in men. Also, when analyzing sexual compatibility, the Moon can be considered in women.

Venus also determines how a person (both man and woman) behaves before sex, i.e. at the beginning of the acquaintance. If the signs of Mars and Venus are incompatible in one person, then his behavior before sex and during sex can be very different. Those. a person during the period of courtship can position himself in one way, and in close intimate relationships he will show himself completely different. For example, a strong Venus in a sexual sign in a woman will flirt, flirt and give the impression of a passionate person. And if her Mars (and also the Sun) occupies a weak position, then a man, being in bed with her, may be disappointed, because expected completely different manifestations from her. She kind of positioned herself as sexy, but in reality her sexual temperament is moderate or even passive.

Mars in the zodiac sign is the basis of sexual temperament. But still, when analyzing sexuality, Mars must be taken into account in conjunction with the Sun (and one should not completely forget about Venus). Although Venus is more of an aesthetic level, i.e. the sign of Venus characterizes a more rational, reasonable need for this or that kind of relationship. And the Sun and Mars are pure temperament. The Sun and Mars in the sexual signs of the zodiac increase the need for sex, and if they fall into the corresponding houses of the horoscope, then the sexual temperament increases even more. Also, some aspects of Venus and Mars can enhance sexuality.

Mercury, related to the 1st, 7th, 5th, 8th houses, and pronounced Mercury signs (Virgo, Gemini), aspects of Mercury with Venus and Mars lower sexuality. Mercury is a sexless planet and sometimes, with the listed positions in the natal chart, a person may not be interested in sex at all, or there is a possibility of bisexuality.

Homes that increase sexual urges

When analyzing sexual temperament, houses are also important. It is necessary to consider the location of the ruler of the chart, Mars, Venus and the Sun in the houses of the horoscope of each partner. Here it is worth paying the most attention to the 5th, 7th and 8th houses.

If the ruler of the chart, Mars, Venus or the Sun, falls into the 5th house of the natal chart, then a person may be inclined to flirt, romance novels, he likes love games, but there is no deep emotional involvement in relationships – relationships at the level of theatrical play, perhaps even on in front of others, for show. It is also worth considering the sign in which the planets of the 5th house are located, and if the sign is sexual, then this increases the propensity for love affairs. Although water and earth signs here will give more involvement in relationships and depth of feelings.

If the ruler of the chart, Mars, Venus or the Sun, falls into the 7th house in the natal chart, this is not directly related to sexual temperament, but it can speak of the desired type of partner. If Mars falls into the 7th house, then the topic of sex in relationships will be the most important, i.e. a person with such a position of Mars, when choosing a partner, will first of all pay attention to physical attraction and sexual compatibility in marriage will be especially important for him (especially if the sign of Mars is sexual). The same can be said for Venus and the Sun in the sex signs of the zodiac in the 7th house. A woman with Mars in the 7th house will not choose a “botanist” as her husband.

The sun, and especially Mars and Venus, falling into the 8th house of the horoscope, significantly increase sexuality. If Mars is located in the 8th house and in a sexual sign, then the sphere of sex will be very important for a person and his needs for sex will increase. This will also be typical for Venus, but to a lesser extent. Venus in the 8th house often gives fear of relationships.

If Mars and Venus are located in non-sexual signs, but Mars or Pluto fall into the 7th or 8th houses, then this increases the need for sex, or a person is looking for (attracts) a partner whose sexual temperament will be higher than his.

Saturn in the 5th and 8th houses gives fear of failure in love and intimacy, especially in men. And this fear can really lead to failures, and in extreme cases to impotence (tense aspects from Saturn will be important here, especially to Mars, Venus, the ruler of the 1st, 8th and 5th houses).

Aspects that increase sexual desire

When analyzing sexual temperament, it is worth paying attention to aspects, especially connections and tense aspects, to Venus and Mars, as well as aspects of Lilith. Sexuality is enhanced by aspects from Pluto, Neptune and Jupiter (these aspects expand, increase the need for sex), and aspects from Uranus and Chiron can give unusual sexual addictions. Aspects from Saturn reduce sexuality, give problems in the field of sex and love.

Aspects to Venus will be more manifested precisely in the ability to express their feelings, in relation to the sphere of love and marriage. In women, aspects to Venus influence sexuality more than in men. Aspects to Mars in both men and women directly affect sexual temperament.

For example, Mars and Venus are in non-sexual signs of the zodiac, but there are aspects from Pluto to Venus and Mars (conjunction or tense aspects), then sexuality increases.

Another example, the Scorpio man has Venus in Libra in conjunction with Saturn, and Mars in Sagittarius in conjunction with Neptune. Scorpio and Sagittarius give an increased sexual temperament, Neptune further increases the need for sex (Neptune in conjunction with Mars blurs the boundaries – wants unlimited experience in the field of sex, as well as this charm and charisma, attractiveness for others, the so-called image of a “superhero”). Venus in Libra speaks of good luck in love – and indeed a man has a lot of fans. But Saturn limits, in this case the man is cold in feelings, he did not experience long-term love feelings (except for passion) for any woman in his 34 years. The moon is also in Libra – the desire for an easy life, but also an inner need to have a partner nearby. He is not alone, there are always women by his side, but they often change and along with the woman with whom he lives, there are a lot of mistresses, casual relationships. In general, in feelings a man is detached, restrained, cold, selfish (Venus and the Moon in Libra – the external image of the partner is important + Venus, Saturn conjunction – coldness, a wall in feelings), and his sexual needs are very high (Scorpio + Sagittarius + Mars conjunction -Neptune).

Lilith in conjunction or tense aspects with Venus and Mars often distorts sexual needs, in extreme cases, it can give unconventional sexual orientation. Chiron in aspects with Venus, Mars and the Sun, as well as with the ruler of the 1st house, can give oddities in sex, duality, non-standardness.

It is also necessary to take into account aspects (especially connections and tense ones) from the ruler of the 8th house, from the planets in the 8th house.

Analysis of sexual compatibility

When analyzing sexual compatibility, first of all, you need to pay attention to the expressed elements (Sun, Venus, Mars in the signs of the zodiac; to a lesser extent, the Moon and the ruler of the 1st house) in the cards of both partners. If the elements of these planets are well combined or coincide, then sexual compatibility will be good.

Couples in which both partners have water and fire elements will have a rich sex life and their relationship will be intense, passionate, stormy. Couples in which both partners have expressed the earth and air elements will have a calmer relationship, their sex life will be more insipid.

Water and earth elements are compatible. And a partner with an attunement to the earthly element can act on the water partner soothingly, he seems to absorb, absorbs the excessive emotionality of the water partner, extinguishes his emotional outbursts, does not allow the development of conflicts due to the sensitivity of his water partner.

The air and fire elements are also compatible. Partners attuned to these elements will be active, open, direct and will be able to understand each other’s needs. The air and fire elements feed each other, as well as the water-earth elements.

Good sexual compatibility will be indicated by the position of the Sun and Mars of partners in the same signs or elements. For example, the Sun of a man in Scorpio, Mars in Sagittarius – the Sun of a woman in Leo, Mars in Scorpio. At the same time, Venus of partners may be incompatible. This will indicate that in sex, partners satisfy each other’s needs, there is a strong physical attraction between them, but in the relationship everything may not be smooth – their views on the manifestations of feelings do not coincide and it is for this reason that there will be misunderstandings and disagreements.

The traditional aspect of physical attraction and sexual compatibility in astrology is the conjunction of Mars for a man and Venus for a woman. But it is also good that Venus of a man and Mars of a woman are in compatible signs. Although it is worth remembering that sexual compatibility alone (according to Venus and Mars) is not enough for a good relationship. When passion passes, people no longer bind and the relationship is destroyed. If the relationship is built only on sexual attraction (that is, in the synastry, the bonding aspects are precisely the aspects between Venus and Mars), then such a relationship cannot last more than 2 years (Mars cycle is 2 years). If in the synastry there are also bonding aspects from other planets (from Saturn incl.), Then the relationship can be long-term.

If there is intense interaction between Mars and Venus of partners (especially with a double bond), then at the beginning of the relationship the partners may experience a strong physical attraction, and over time, dissatisfaction, rejection or dissatisfaction with each other will manifest.